The Division 2 Title Update 11.1 Patch Notes 1.28

The Division 2

The Division 2 Title Update 11.1 Patch Notes 1.28

In the span of the maintenance job, Ubisoft has published a name update 11.1 to get The Section two . Below you’ll see all information regarding this patch on October 20.

Now’s patch attracts us Title Update 11.1, fresh material, enhancements and bug fixes.

When interacting with the reception elevator, most players will Have the Ability to pick their desired problem and directives

  • All Difficulties are selectable: Regular — Renowned
  • For Directives, players Can Pick from all of 9 released Directives
    • Developer remark: We recommend limiting to 5 energetic Directives; utilize more in your own risk
    • NOTE: Missions and Worldwide Issue still possess the 5 most seasonal directives

The New Summit Expertise
Players may now ascend their customized Summit in their own speed.

  • With TU11.1, all gamers will initially begin at ground 1 of The Summit
  • Progress is saved more often at every elevator players experience
    • rather than the older Rally Points, today Players will restart where they left subsequent playthroughs.
    • This usually means you could stop at ground 38. Then another day continue in the elevator at ground 37.
  • After gamers complete floor 100, in their next Summit effort they’ll restart at ground 1
  • NOTE: for coop we conserve the utmost of your prior checkpoint and your present session
    • Instance: participant previously had a rescue at ground 60, they matchmake and complete floor 95 using a group, in their second playthrough the participant would last in the elevator floor 93.

Example: participant previously needed a rescue at ground 81, they matchmake and complete floor 34 using a group, in their next playthrough that the participant would last in the elevator floor 81.
At any point whilst in the Summit, players may start the Mega-Map and place their private Targeted Loot

  • As an example, players may pick from weapon forms, equipment slots, mods, manufacturers and equipment collections.
  • The Targeted Loot choice within Summit is private (meaning each participant in a set of 4 might have another allocation selected )

The players that are higher climb from The Summit, the more inclined they are to encounter harder enemies.

  • The opportunity for enemies to spawn as elite or veteran slowly increases each floor.
  • Lieutenant Squads happen more often because you ascend The Summit.
  • The Boss flooring (10, 20, 30,…,90) contain multiple termed hostiles on higher floors.

Added Gameplay Improvements

  • Additional a weekly job for completing Summit (which combined with other benefits grants an Exotic Cache)
  • Additional more target forms
  • Quicker notebook interact cartoon
  • Adjusted spawning of enemies through Hack Terminals objectives
  • Holding SHD Crates is much more valuable
  • Additional new UI alarms about Exotic Fireteams, Bosses, etc..


Directives currently boost the opportunity for Targeted Loot to fall

  • Since released TU6, Targeted Loot was affected by numerous variables (like difficulty).
  • Currently with TU11.1, every energetic Directive adds a tiny amount into the entire fall opportunity of Targeted Loot.
  • This applies anywhere Directives exist (assignments, open world, summit).
  • NOTE: Directives still grow XP Too.
  • Fixed issue causing Fragile Armor’s broken piles to act strangely after dying and being restored.
  • Additional individual Targeted Loot Allocations for every Gear Place
    • This applies both to the standard rotation and also to Summit’s Personal Targeted Loot
    • Ex: Lincoln may have Authentic Patriot


  • Ridgeway’s Pride exotic
    • For initial element of exotic pursuit, components today fall based on Summit flooring amounts and increased fall chance of components
    • For third portion of exotic pursuit, lowered amount of Rogue Agents and Hunters that Will Need to be murdered to two
    • Increased radiuses of Bleeding Edge ability to 15m
    • Improved repair power of Bleeding Edge ability to 1: 3%, 2: 6 percent, 3: 12%, 4: 24%, 5: 48 percent (per bleeding enemy in radius)


    • All these PvP balance changes impact both DZ and Conflict:
      • Reduced time to destroy by 10 percent
      • Reduced shotgun harm by 12.5percent
      • Improved damage to protects by 25 percent
    • Fixed issue in Conflict that led to the Firewall specialty’s flamethrower to cope an inordinate quantity of damage.
  • Restored the ability to pick Matchmake without reloading
  • Mega-Map currently has correct connections (Projects/Manhunt/SHD)
  • Improved loot from closing 100th Floor enemy
  • Swapped doors to be windowless in a variety of areas
  • Famous Black Tusk happen to be taught how to maintain guns properly
  • Improvements into a problem that could bring about the 100th floor to never finish after murdering all enemies
  • Fixed a problem where representatives could fall through the map also eventually become trapped between the lifts
  • Fixed a problem causing mythical Black Tusk to occasionally appear on issues they shouldn’t maintain
  • Frozen occurrences of enemies not departing their spawn cabinets.
  • Fixed the goal demands for Hazardous Gas staying on screen following a bunch member interacts with the notebook
  • Fixed a loot space that Couldn’t be socialized with
  • Fixes occurrences of enemies wrongly spawning in Areas of the floor which have been rid
  • Fixed the reception voice over tripping when returning into the reception
  • Fixed”Neutralize the Lieutenant” goal sometimes Picking a non-named NPC since the Lieutenant
  • Fixed a problem in which a control button had double performance in the mega map
  • Fixed a problem where the participant could get stuck at the spectate mode display after shifting camera from a different player
  • Different UI & Map fixes


      • Frozen enemies occasionally being unreachable at the Grand Washington Hotel
      • Fixed a problem causing the SHD level telling UI to never operate
      • Fixed a problem from the Operation Iron Horse raid where RPGs could quit falling if disconnected or quickly journeys from the raid if having one armed
      • Fixed a problem which happened when the participant dropped down out of an item in battle causing the representative to be pushed ahead then back
      • Fixed a problem causing band members to have no ammo once the team leader triggered the Pistolero directive from the Dark Zone
      • Frozen Global Event modifiers not functioning as planned on Legendary difficulty.
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