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The Last of Us 2 Trophy Guide 100% Platinum and Collectibles

The Last of Us 2 Trophy Guide 100% Platinum and Collectibles

The Last of Us 2 Trophy Guide 100% Platinum and Collectibles

From the match The Last of Us two it is possible to unlock a total of 26 decorations. Inside this Trophy Guide we show you all of the decorations and their actions.

Below you will find all the decorations, in addition to hints, tactics and ideas. You will surely find everything regarding the decorations! First you’ll get a table using a brief summary. Secondly you find a thorough list of trophies, descriptions, Trophy Guides and much more!

More Guides and News about The Last of Us two you’ll discover on our review page. Orange marked decorations are connected with another and in depth manual!

Trophies List The Last of Us two

Estimated time for platinum: 27 — 32 hours
Complete Trophies: 26 (1,7,8,10)
Offline decorations: 26
Online decorations: 0
Missable Trophies: 0
Minimum Playthroughs Two

This manual is under construction — it’ll continue shortly!

  • Collect all of decorations
  • What I Had To Do
    Conclude the narrative

    Finish the narrative on any issue

  • Archivist
    Find all of the artifacts and diary entries
  • Master Place
    Discover all trading cards
  • Numismatist
    Discover all of coins
  • Completely update all weaponsThere are a total of 12 weapons which you will need to update. For that you’ve got to locate 1920 components.
    More coming shortly.
  • Ready for the Worst
    Discover all workbenches
  • Survival Pro
    Discover all player updates


    You want to find training guides to unlock more trees. To unlock kills you need to use nutritional supplements. Both are collectibles which you could see in the sport ( Training Manuals and Supplements).
    You will find 10 ability trees in complete, but you just have to unlock them. So that you need 8 coaching manuals.
    In general you want 1900 nutritional supplements to purchase all abilities.

  • Mechanicist
    Boost a weapon entirely
  • Specialist
    Discover all of player updates in 1 branch
  • Safecracker
    Unlock every secure
  • Sightseer
    Stop by every place in downtown Seattle
  • Journeyman
    Find all instruction guides
  • Survival Coaching
    Learn 25 player updates
  • Discover all weapons
  • In the Area
    Locate 12 workbenches
  • Craft every thingYou Have to craft 12 things to unlock this decoration:
    #1 Health Kit
    #2 Molotov
    #3 Stun Bomb
    #4 Trap Mine
    #5 Silencer
    #6 Melee Upgrade
    #7 Arrows
    #8 Explosive Arrows
    #9 Pipe Bombs
    #10 Incendiary Shells
    #11 Hunting Pistol Ammo
    #12 Health KitShivs
    More information will follow shortly
  • Tinkerer
    Update a weapon
  • Apprentice
    Find out a participant update
  • Locate 5 trading cards
  • Locate 5 coins
  • Looks Great On You
    Put a hat in your own company
  • Sharpshooter
    Acquire the marksmanship contest
  • Place My Name Up
    Earn the score at the archery match
  • Relic of those Sages
    Locate the Unusual Artifact
  • So Amazing and Small
    Locate the Engraved Ring

    You are able to get the engraved ring at 9 downtown. Proceed to the Westlake Bank construction, there you’ll discover a vault, the code to your vault is: 60-23-06.
    Assess the safe deposit box at the rear right corner at the vault. It includes the ring you’re searching for.

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