The Last of Us 2 Trophy List

The Last of Us 2 Trophy List

The Last of Us 2 Trophy List

The PS4 decorations for The Last of Us Part II happen to be shown! A couple of days back we could give one of the patch notes to the very first The Last of Us Part II upgrade 1.01 and we have the decorations to you.

There’ll be 26 trophies in complete and it appears like it will not be quite hard to unlock platinum.

After The Last of Us Part II is published, we’ll supply you with a 100% decoration manual!

The Last of Us two Trophies List

  • Until There Is None Left
    Collect all of decorations
  • What I Had To Do
    Conclude the narrative
  • Boost all weapons into the maximum

  • Archivist
    Find all of the artifacts and diary entries
  • Entire Set
    Find all of the cards
  • Numismatist
    Discover all of coins
  • Ready For Your Worst

    Boost a weapon entirely

  • Pro
    Learn a whole line of developments
  • Burglary
    Open all dividers
  • Tourist
    Stop by all of downtown Seattle places
  • Professional
    Find all instruction guides
  • Survival Coaching
    Learn 25 abilities
  • Find all of the weapons
  • About the Field

    Manufacture all of the things

  • Just at Gambiarra

    Find out an advancement

  • ⁠Fundamental Kit

    Hidden Bodies

  • Hidden Bodies
  • Find the Best score at the bow and arrow match
  • Relic of the Smart
    Locate the Unusual Artifact
  • So Amazing and Small
    Locate the Recorded Ring.
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