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The Last Of Us 2 Update Patch Notes 1.05

The Last Of Us 2 Update Patch Notes 1.05

The Last Of Us 2 Update Patch Notes 1.05

Naughty Dog and Sony now released the declared upgrade for The Last Of Us Part two . Below arishe complete patch notes for this August 13th upgrade.

The Last Of Us Part two Patch Notes 1.05

  • Grounded Issue
  • Permadeath Mode


  • New upgrade introduces two brand new Trophies: you for finishing the match with Permadeath empowered and yet another for beating it upon Grounded difficulty. Neither of these can be necessary to be able to earn the Platinum. Here you can find the brand new decorations
  • Film Grain Adjustment Choice
  • Disable Song Mode Choice
  • Motion Sensor Function Aiming Choice
  • Arc Cast HUD Display Choice
  • Aiming Acceleration Scale Choice
  • Aiming Ramp Power Scale Choice
  • Access Improvements to Ground Zero experience and rope gameplay
  • Additional availability developments


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