The Legend of Tada Yori Guide Ghost of Tsushima

The Legend of Tada Yori Guide Ghost of Tsushima

The Legend of Tada Yori Guide Ghost of Tsushima

Completing the pursuit gets you a fresh suit of armor.

To start The Legend of Tada Yori, you must start the screenplay by locating a musician. This one is situated in the southwest of Izuhara, and the river. Listen to his story, and you’re going to be delivered to locate Violet Flowers.

You will encounter a field of Violet Flowers, then you have to climb the mountain. Loot the very best, and you will also receive a Painted Map.

The map is quite abstract, however, your aim is rather simple to reach. Turn right around from the container and search for a mountain with trees. Head there.

You won’t have the ability to earn through the fog, so start looking for a lantern from the cliff. Enter the gap to the left of this lantern.


Follow the trail till you get to a temple, and you are able to analyze the headstones to acquire incense. After analyzing them you will start a boss battle.

Kaede defends Tadayori’s Rest and supplies a rather straightforward struggle. Head her reddish attacks and you won’t have a lot of trouble following figuring out the routine.

Kaede will halt the duel and let you visit Azamo Bay to locate Tadayori’s Armor.

Access to the closest stage in Azamo Bay, also follow the end . You will reach a mountain with a few Mongols to dispatch.

More Mongols will arrive, and if you have taken them out you are going to have finished the quest.

Tadayori’s Armor offers you incentives to bow abilities . It raises reload speed and after enables you to slow time to target.

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