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The Sims 4 Patch Notes Update Version 1.32

The Sims 4 Patch Notes Update Version 1.32

The Sims 4 Patch Notes Update Version 1.32

Regrettably, we don’t know how big this download right now, but it might change based upon the stage.

The Sims 4 Patch Notes 1.32

  • Fixed a problem where outside garbage cans were always being stuffed when not needing Eco Lifestyle installed. It’s a great issue to be aware of our general regular waste footprint however there’s something to be said about an excessive amount of trash that’s… apparently dressier.
  • Sims will use the table to eat . Sometimes if I am in a rush, I catch a meal on the move and do not sit down to eat, but occasionally you have to sit down and revel in a wonderful meal, you understand?
  • You cover your bills, all of the new bills, keep track of all of the invoices. We believe you can take action. Thus, hope you enjoy this upgrade also as we’ve adjusted Volume Taxes to be appropriate per Lot.
  • Fixed a problem where the message”Not Expanded to Ops” would look while at Build Mode and could interfere with gameplay. If that is the behaviour with”Not Expanded to Ops” I really don’t wish to find out exactly what”Expanded to Ops” resembles, unless it’s a fantastic thing, but let us not get removed.
  • Had a fantastic talk with Sims who had failed their responsibilities with their Toddlers. They could return to Potty Training and Read on to Sleep to their small angels.
  • Fixed a problem where Favorited Things in stock were being flashed when editing Plenty through Manage Worlds.
  • Sims which were moved to additional Households will no longer reset any Household configurations such as Bed Assignments. Reading about this particular issue and attempting to envision it, brought me to the:

“What do you desire?”

“It is not that easy!”
“However… What.Do.You.Want?!”
“Just as you moved outside, and you’re suddenly back into our own lives does not mean that you can interrupt everything okay? A challenger strategies! Infection 124:2951a73 enters the fray… and can be correctly squashed. Very good luck next time Error 124:2951a73… Well, do not return … farewell!

  • The Lin-Z Smart Speaker was updated to now play with the Focus and metallic stations.
  • Fixed a problem where all non-decorative stones vanished after traveling from various Lots. Can it be the job of impostor stone? Igneous looks particularly shifty. Sus.
  • Fixed a problem with all the ICYA Chest where it seemed locked after Sims transferred from one Household into another. My precious! Mine!
  • Fixed a problem that Combine Bits and Pieces when Sims transferred into other Households. No uh, should you proceed, proceed nevertheless abandon my Bits and Pieces in my Household thank you very much.
  • The Community Voting Board is no longer recorded as a DEBUG thing, no more has a faulty thumbnail, and could be put inside the Bulk.
  • Civil Programmer Sims can now finish Work from Home Assignments.
  • We’ve reconstructed the Store No More House Fabricator so it does not break at least once each day. All returns are subject to guarantee inspection, zero Simoleons were hurt in this endeavor.
  • We spent a while tasting… I mean… monitoring , Sims’ behaviour in relation to Cooking and Baking Cakes pretty much nonstop. We were able to fix said behaviour, but we won’t eliminate access to the tasty goods.
  • Fixed a routing problem which prevented Sims from extinguishing engulfed Sims which are sitting from the Campfire.

Dine Outside

  • Fixed a problem with Restaurant Menus which made them look blank or corrupt. Blind tasting menus in real life are something, but I do not think that’s exactly what this issue needed to communicate.
  • We’ve included the Focus and Metallic station as an Alternative for Earbuds.
  • The Media Marathoner All-on-the-Wall, and also the Media Marathoner have the choice therefore Sims can do Air Guitar. Yearrrrgggg.


  • Fixed an problem with keys [Q] and [E] when combined together with the Tripod, those keys need to move the camera up and down freely.
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