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These common usernames are causing Fortnite to freeze

These common usernames are causing Fortnite to freeze

These common usernames are causing Fortnite to freeze

Specific characters are trivial in each PC video game. They are a means to add some flare to a in-game title in addition to a strategy used to bypass a few of the titles which are already taken. It is possible to use hidden characters, for example, to recreate the title of a favorite streamer — something which was very well known in the first times of Fortnite.

According to some gamers, but these characters are inducing Fortnite into glitch, stutter, and also suspend in some cases. Have you noticed your game will occasionally lag after you remove an opponent? It has been a problem for a short time. Well, Reddit consumer appears to have pinpointed the reason .


The user posted a set of clips into the r/FortniteCompetitive subreddit that revealed him removing several players with particular characters in their titles. The sport stinks or froze on each event, causing the player to draw the conclusion that those characters are tripping the reaction from Fortnite.

As we mentioned, this dilemma was in Fortnite for a very long time — many players simply didn’t understand what triggered it. It feels like these distinctive characters would be the offender. It is not the end of the world when the game freezes for a second once you’re secure, but it is going to mean certain death if you are fighting with a staff.

Players who responded to the thread mostly joked about particular characters getting the newest meta. It may slow down a player when they are running throughout your squad, and aggressive players are ever on the lookout for a way to obtain an edge. Hopefully, Epic watch these reports and also make an alteration

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