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This Fortnite setting enemies hiding in bushes

This Fortnite setting enemies hiding in bushes

This Fortnite setting enemies hiding in bushes

Bush camping was a workable approach since Fortnite first introduced. For seasons, you would observe players hiding in a bush whilst awaiting the reception to thin-out.

The launch of Chapter 2 Fragrant bush camping, nevertheless. Epic added some huge bushes into the brand new map, which enabled whole teams to conceal within them. At this time, you could even find some bush campers in play. It is a valid approach, again.

Well, perhaps not for a lot longer. Fortnite players have found that small configurations change will permit you to find enemies when they are sitting in bushes. Reddit consumer u/AriesBosch posted a movie which showed him playing the Anti-Aliasing setting turned away, enabling him to differentiate a participant from a bush at long-range.


A good deal of specialist Fortnite players know about this particular setting. Turning off Anti-Aliasing enables most players to attain greater FPS — as is true with the majority of graphics settings in aggressive games. We are not certain these players understood about the capability to observe players within bushes, nevertheless.

This setting might have made its way into the top degrees, but mid and lower-level players may not understand about it. Sureyour game may not seem as striking as it does with all the greatest settings, but also the improved functionality and also this skill ensure it is well worth the sacrifice.


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