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Torchlight III Mainline Patch Notes

Torchlight III Mainline Patch Notes

Torchlight III Mainline Patch Notes

The game is at the first access phase.

A comprehensive patch has been released directly on the launch day. Railmaster Endurance upgrades, Fort prop price decrease, & more Sharpshooter customization choices! Below you can find the Entire patch notes for this upgrade


  • Fixed issue where gamers could warp to an infinite blue emptiness rather than the Fort level.
  • Ability point issues at which you can get too many things, or get stuck not able to devote things, are adjusted.
  • Reset settings also needs to reset video resolution (that is largely fixed).
  • Fixed a problem in which changing a character’s difficulty level to some other degree puts the personality on normal.
  • Fixed an problem that made it feasible to form a celebration having a player of some other problem when inviting them using their title.
  • Upgraded the next accomplishment descriptions (“gather” to”equip”):
    • Celebrated Establish — Equip 7 distinct legendary sets.
  • Fixed”Legendary Set” accomplishment to correctly count equipped epic sets.
  • Fixed issue with”Equip Things with Trait Greater Than” task type doesn’t comprehend progress made for mandatory accomplishment depend.
  • Fixed the subsequent accomplishments which were not counting on legendary set things: Arc-Powered Garb, Celestial Garb, Cosmic Garb, Mountain King’s Garb, Musketeer Garb, Skittering Garb, Woodsbeast Garb
  • Additional additional inner figures to help us monitor certain participant growth points (Fort action, item drops, etc).


  • Upgraded game start menu using Early Access information along with other information.
  • Upgraded in-game help menu information.
  • Additional icons for staying wardrobe fort props.
  • Additional Legendarium icon.
  • Additional Legendarium information panel.
  • Fixed a problem with players receive an alert telling about New Skills Unlocked until they Can get into the attribute in the Legendarium.
  • Fixed a problem where the ability mission bar could evaporate permanently after visiting the vacant Relic tab or the Legendarium tab.
  • Additional”In Multiplayer” into the start of the description to the issue selection.
  • Integrated participant badges to the societal menu.
  • Additional new lore speaker portraits.
  • Gamers may no more open menus or socialize with the UI whereas the loading screen is up (aside from modals that specifically ask to reveal within the loading screen).
  • Frozen thing tooltip message regarding wrong class or too-low degree overlapping with fortune points at the Luck Tree UI
  • Fixed incorrect course messages not showing up along with the thing dimmer also not showing up for Forged cannons from the stock for some other classes.
  • Fixed issue with choices menu neglecting to scroll when choice pointer goes past what is displayed on screen using a Gamepad.
  • Fixed pursuit titles appearing in the incorrect colour.
  • Exiting an alternative screen should now always attract the player back into the preceding”Main Menu” screen.
  • Fixed white square which looks in crafting buildings and eliminated an additional Arc website link.
  • Fixed issue with erroneous place highlighted in the’Frontier Map’ for present place at multiple places.
  • We’re eliminating the harm over Time segment of this item tooltips. When many weapons will provide some change of additional damage to things occurring, some components do more indirect matters — that is not actually hurt over time.
  • Additional the societal context Click menu into the celebration widget.
  • Additional a loading screen tip about town gambler.
  • Additional loading display tips about motion abilities.
  • Additional loading displays should instruct players about our personality system.
  • Fixed Fort props from the Contract display not previewing the prop.
  • Fixed a problem where attention could be dropped in different displays after launching the Contract menu.
  • Modified Hide UI keybind into F10 and exposed at the keybindings menu.
  • Upgraded the character customization menu to supply additional UI flexibility for alternatives with varying levels.
  • D-pad is employed for societal options rather than X and A.
  • Fixed gamepad with all the problem panel; tt now brings attention to parent if it’s closed and plays”hovered” cartoon when concentrated on a problem widget.
  • Fixed problem with text and voice chat failing to operate.


  • Additional Movement Skills tutorial at par 10.
  • Additional an accounts tutorial quest to present Gambler NPCs.
  • Increased story pursuit rewards. Upgraded story quests with equipment rewards beginning after”Unearthed Proof” to award lifebound variations of these products.
  • Fixed pursuit job in”Sadistic Sorcery” to finish after speaking to Wolfram.
  • The participant no longer has stuck projecting when double clicking the pursuit tracker.
  • Updated activating and deactivating tasks so the Netherbloom can not be socialized with or spawn until gamers get the job for this.
  • Quests with jobs for the current field are now sorted in the pursuit tracker before quests without any jobs for the present place.


  • Smoothed outside cartoons and extra glow into the active protector.
  • Reduced the quantity of every gold fall by roughly 60%.
  • Reduced the amount of gold drops that winners and supervisors fall to about half what they had been.
  • Standardized the gold drops out of chests to be regular gold drops.
  • Players don’t automatically pick up gold once the participant reaches the gold limitation.
  • Fixed a problem where sometimes 1 handed weapons were spawning with no harm affix.
  • Establish the beginning railhammer to function as Rusty Railhammer rather than some arbitrary other common excellent railhammer.
  • Improved the length of Bleed affix at each of attributes.
  • Thing affixes that impact the Slammer tree currently refer to it by that title rather than Lineage.
  • Dusk Mage fundamental Mace attack today progresses cleanly via two swings and Matches time of the rest of the players.
  • Forged basic employees strike with treads currently evolves through three strikes cleanly.
  • Fixed wrist during personnel fidgets when snake and ball Forged locomotion are outfitted.
  • Fixed a rare instance where when we’d try to drop mythical or rare armor, it might instead result in you getting nothing.
  • Fixed Rare and famous protects not having the ability to drop out the gambler (again).
  • Added the capability to override visibility of chemical bits when a different piece of armor is outfitted.
  • Doompipe Legendary reworded into’Mortar and Flamethrower have their Endurance Bonus and don’t invest Endurance’, also Doompipe’s consequences becomes the Endurance Bonus.
  • Shotgonner’s Shield mythical reworded into’Shotgun and Shield consistently have their Endurance Bonus and don’t spend Endurance’, also Shotgonner’s Shield’s consequences becomes the Endurance Bonus. The thing itself keeps its organic ranged attack, but the affix lists just the toxin bolts.
  • Centrifugal Demolisher — Today also grants Stone Spin some incentive harm.
  • Berserk Crusher — Today grants an Additional fee to Pound and Spike Drive.
  • Blast Breaker — Today says’Blasting Charge consistently gains its Endurance Bonus, and doesn’t spend Endurance’.
  • Stinging Wing — Today makes Flying Picks regenerate fees twice as quickly instead of making it price no Endurance.
  • Tome of Zul-Tava — Fixed a problem where this was emerging with Doompipe’s affix. The Tome is currently in evolution and has become not dropped.
  • Storm Driver — Fixed this epic affix never showing its own effect.
  • Fixed instances where the exact same lore thing could fall numerous times in precisely the exact same place from the”Curious Pneumatic Drum” apparatus.
  • Fixed being able to acquire potions into”flippy lock” if you are full up on Saturdays as well as the potion is in the edge of your automobile pickup radius.
  • Fixed crash which happens while assaulting with all the Snecko Staff legendarium affix slotted.
  • Fixed problem with some thing particulars showing up with only numbers.


  • Changed Flaming Destroyer targeting to management rather than location. It currently rotates to orient prior to tripping.
  • Fixed a problem where Flaming Destroyer’s activation crush did not trigger procs properly.
  • Increased Bane active ability damage from 90 percent to 140% weapon damage, also signaled in the tooltip that it does harm on effect and with toxin.
  • Disabled spinning and get strikes on characters that are suspended.
  • Shocked no more has a DoT part, just focuses on the harm. The ElementalDamage for Shock today is what determines the harm the Shock bolts bargain, rather than them constantly coping 70 percent Weapon Damage.



  • Upgraded default fort with exactly the identical design but with less clutter.
  • Fixed a problem where players could not load into temples in Act 3 rhythms.
  • Greatly decreased the source optimizing occasions to a range of 5 minutes — 1 minute, depending on amount.
  • Greatly decreased the resource prices for fort decorations.
  • Somewhat diminished the gold prices for Magic and Unusual excellent fort decorations.
  • Fixed Wardrobe Statues to make use of normal channels correctly.
  • Fixed odd item behavior from happening when swapping items out of a wardrobe prop into the participant.
  • Fixed a problem in which launching the customization menu at Fort for the very first time on entering gameplay causes the menu to automatically shut itself instantly afterwards.


  • Establish the minimum amount for toxin pet protection (main ) affix to par 16.
  • Establish the minimal amount for electric pet protection (main ) affix to par 31.


  • Fixed some rare occurrences of spawning a few monsters in precisely the exact same time in precisely the exact same location.
  • Fixed a problem where Brall would not respawn when the players were conquered in Painful issue or greater.
  • Fixed Brall’s Wolf, that hadgained the wellness bonuses Brall has obtained lately moves, which was unintentional.
  • Brall’s wellbeing improved ~40%.
  • Brall’s stage changes today occur somewhat before, with her closing stage starting at 50% HP.
  • Fixed a problem where Brall’s illusions occasionally would devour at full health rather than Brall’s health percent.
  • Brall’s Nether Well Arrow cooldown decreased to 5s (down from 10s), and the dangers it spawns currently last 20s (upwards from 10s)
  • Boss Health climbed to a score of 70 (up from 32), +120percent from prior. This is largely as a response to Tyler’s current non-act boss movies that reveals those like Kronch expiring in sub-30 moments on multiple personalities and assembles, and on Hard mode. A significant swing is justified. Exceptions to this are: Yapper that remain in 15, and Bruce Killis that stay near where he had been at 35. The 5 called bosses which aren’t act-end (IE Strongtusk) go around 100 (up from 70). Ordrak stays where he had been at 200. Expertise can be going up — those had much lower rates of TTK-XP than ordinary monsters did. They are currently comparable, roughly 1.5x their wellness curve throughout the board.
  • Reduced the minimal range the Blazing Custodian Automatons have to execute their ranged attack.
  • Shuffled about some heart boss experiences so that bigger supervisors have more room to maneuver.
  • Fixed issue with critters not instantly gaining the defense enthusiast when spawned over the Hyvid Armor Crystal buff radius.
  • Fixed problem with Skeletal Archers spawned by Lilly Bonebreaker being virtually immortal.
  • Fixed Psora manager from being defeated easily when standing beyond their boss arena.


  • Removed the debatable infested mapworks dungeon that finishes in Frackmaster 2000.
  • Fixed a problem where cutscene can become unskippable after using the gamepad button toshow in-game menu.
  • Prevented the unnecessary”Earth Ember Deposit” harvesting nodes from looking in any dungeons.
  • Fixed spawn places to prevent players from spawning beneath the play place.
  • Improved the length of Sunken Ruins to make it nearer to the goal length and provide more opportunities/places to get lore gadgets and also for items to distribute  little.
  • The Gambler had a much better home in Trevail Point. He has one.
  • Moved General Graye somewhat so it’s a lot easier to watch her interact icons and steered her storage torso into a natural orientation.
  • Fixed a problem where players can get trapped and jitter within an open place where it seems like they ought to be capable of moving.
  • Additional swarms of nerves that are actuated and flyers to amounts.
  • Fixed hard borders that were being a result of the participant mild.
  • Fields of Unrest gloss.
  • Revised the personality pick ghost substances so that the transparency is a bit less grainy.
  • Additional additional visual to fire dangers to frighten players.
  • Fixed warp places in Firebelly Stronghold.
  • Fixed a particle loading dilemma.
  • Fixing issue with foliage shadows.
  • The sport today makes inexpensive Blob Shadows at the cheapest Shadow Quality setting, rather than no shadows in any way. Here is the default option on lower-end


  • Blazing Monster Affix upgrade.
  • Fixed additional navmesh exists on the broken bridge advantage in Cave of Sorrows.
  • Fixed additional navmesh located in the edge of this map at the Lost Woods.
  • Clockwork Boss Arena: Shifting Translucent flooring into parallax abbreviated opaque substance (work in progress).
  • Frozen Stage Beast loses its substance glow as it starts its passing vanish.
  • Wardrobe Statues no more have occlusion.
  • Fixed issue with overhead VFX may seem before critters do on particular spawns.
  • Fixed a problem where Harvesting animations could last infinitely until the next key was pressed. They end when the crop action is finished.
  • Fixed a problem where Railmaster train automobile shirts were offset horizontally in their sockets.
  • Removed the train FX over the Railmaster’s mind when in Lay Track mode.
  • Fixed Dusk Mage pop cartoon when stopping or starting moving after carrying out a fantastic weapon.
  • Fixed Dusk Mage knee which pops backward while idling with a pistol and attention.
  • Fixed issue with Sacrifice the Goose with a major orange polygon.
  • Fixed idle pose combinations which begin and finish with walking cartoon on Forged and Duskmage when holding Good Weapon.
  • Adjusted all player-facing abilities to utilize a new variant of this”as percentage” routine node, which should remove all cases of abilities ever having over just two numbers after the match.
  • Fixed others becoming stuck inside their casting cartoon when they complete their portal site skill.
  • Repair for Servo-Driven Uppercut and mace abilities (along with other abilities which are single-target) not hitting occasionally.



  • Additional more Sharpshooter customization choices (work in progress).
  • Fixed issue with Ghost Visage Tier 3 bonus inducing the Shasta’s standing impact icon to be displayed while the ability is used.
  • Fixed Heartseeker’s Bleed standing impact overlooking mouseover text.
  • Onslaught Grade 3 bonus currently deals 75% weapon damage together with Explosive Arrow detonate.


  • Fixed issues with all the grade 3 bonus on Shocking Rounds.
  • Blasting Charge today identifies Vulnerability by title, so the grade 1 landmark refers directly to some clarified effect.
  • Endurance Update:
    • Endurance gets not a source to trigger abilities, but instead one to activate more outcomes.
    • Dealing harm causes Endurance to grow at a predetermined speed (still raising from affixes/items, therefore itemization hooks stay ).
    • When Endurance is complete, any non-Train ability will absorb Endurance for bonus impacts.
    • Skills may nevertheless be applied as ordinary without Endurance, spending their cooldowns/charges accordingly.
    • Blasting Charge (4s cooldown, two fees ) — Endurance Bonus: Throws a bunch of 3 fees instead of just a single (forecasted that employed to perform so now says”Blasting Charge consistently has its own Endurance Bonus”)
    • Hammer Spin (like present ) — Endurance Bonus: Gain all fees of Pound, Blasting Charge, and Flying Picks.
    • Flying Picks (4s cooldown, two fees ) — Endurance Bonus: Summon an immobile Ancestral Spirit that yells Picks at enemies
    • Lantern Flash (like present ) — Endurance Bonus: If the burn ends or the enemy expires, they burst for big damage in an aoe
    • Torque Swing (like present ) — Endurance Bonus: A spinning hammer is delivered forward (slow-moving missile)
    • Spike Drive (1 fee, doesn’t profit charges obviously ) — Profits a fee when you use an Endurance Bonus.
    • Ghost Train (8 sec cooldown, two fees ) — Endurance Bonus: two more Ghost Trains are throw following the initial one.
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