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Torchlight III Steam Update Patch Notes

Torchlight III Steam Update Patch Notes

Torchlight III Steam Update Patch Notes

Below you’ll see the post notes for this upgrade on October 7th.

Torchlight 3 Construct 5648135 is currently available for downloading on Steam. This patch fixes a few bugs and makes a few adjustments.


  • Editor instrument to spit out Skills information for fansite intake.
  • Fixed several infrequent crash instances for servers and clients.
  • In certain conditions, players were shedding their degrees and equipment but not the pursuit advancement in Singleplayer mode. This prevents this loss from happening.

User Interface

  • Fixed a problem where manually inviting into the celebration by simply scanning the Player Name can’t be processed if the two players are inserted into the Steam Friends List.
  • Fixed a problem where’Party’ and’Whisper’ buttons ‘ are not exhibited from the’Steam Friends’ tab.
  • Fixed a problem when members of a party aren’t within precisely the exact same level, their celebration icon shows them as lifeless.



Dusk Mage

  • Fixed a problem where Consecration buff doesn’t go away.
  • Fixed Damnation using the grade 3 bonus unlocked which doesn’t trap enemies.
  • Fixed Dark Spear grade 3 bonus which didn’t deal damage upon tripping the ability.
  • Fixed an instance of Consecration base growth of harm that doesn’t work.
  • Fixed Netherlings summoned by Spirit Well which don’t attack enemies.
  • Fixed the Scout’s Bones Tier 1 bonus which wasn’t awarding an extra pile of this Precision Skill enthusiast.
  • Fixed the Furnace Blast Grade 3 bonus which fails to operate.
  • Fixed the grade 3 of the Pound ability that fails to operate.
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