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Transformers Battlegrounds Day One Patch Update 1.01

Transformers Battlegrounds Day One Patch Update 1.01

Transformers Battlegrounds Day One Patch Update 1.01

Coatsink and Outright Games have launched the Day One upgrade for Transformers Battlegrounds. Below are the complete patch notes to the initial upgrade on October 23rd.

The Transformers Battlegrounds Update 1.01 is currently available for downloading. The document size is about 2GB, based on the stage.

  • Shop button alongside Main Menu.
  • Implemented a loading cartoon during beginning series.
  • Temporary freeze lasting around 10 moments when choosing a New Game.
  • Problems when disconnecting a control during loading displays or if fading in and from a cutscene.
  • Optimus Prime’s Twist Back cartoon was postponed.
  • Decepticon Brawlers evaporating when performing Throw Back skill.
  • Decepticons can spawn within the Energon Storm Region and survive.
  • High pitch sound squeak during slow movement sequences.
  • Localisation — orphan personalities in a variety of languages.
  • PFX observable in cutscenes after restarting a degree or finish a turn. Fixed so PFX is cleaned more economically on restarts and flip ends.
  • DLC skins for Optimus Prime and Bumblebee emerging as accessible to other personalities in Squad Select display.
  • DLC skins not showing as outfitted when in Cube style.
  • Sport’s Mission Entire screen simply enables players to match the assignment or return to the Main Menu. Fixed by choosing the participant to Arcade Main Menu to keep in Arcade Without Needing to go back to the Main Menu.
  • Sound settings failing to store.
  • Decepticon spray M1 displaying as magenta. Fixed to now exhibit as purple.
  • Throughout tutorials, the weapon pulsed behind additional text boxes. Order altered so the weapon is over others.
  • Text windows resizing during gameplay and tutorials.
  • Grimlock shifting too between bot and dinosaur when loading to the M14 checkpoint. Rocket Roar harm diminished.
  • Actors trimmed to the Ground in M19.
  • Energon Ore initially possessed by Autobots and Decepticons stay gray when obscured from the surroundings. Fixed so that they display the right group shade.
  • Catch the Flag UI displaying as”brutally attacked this turn” when no movement or attack was made. Fixed by changing the UI to see”Maintaining the Flag”.
  • “Holding the Flag” message shown after falling the flag at the Autobot base. Immediate doesn’t exhibit for the entirety of carrying the flag.
  • End of spin Anxiety occurs when figures are not able to move or assault because of being anchored and disarmed.
  • Flag showing under Windblade when in vehicle mode.
  • Factors displaying out the objective box when inputting Arcade levels.
  • Tallying points SFX perceptible on the results display when scoring zero.
  • Just 1 accomplishment notification is exhibited when deleting numerous accomplishments. Fixed so all accomplishments earned are exhibited.
  • French Barks are silent. Volume improved.
  • Upgrades to credits — Job title varies, celebrity changes, and”In memory of” inclusion beneath Italian VO section.
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