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Tropico 6 Full Notes Update v10

Tropico 6 Full Notes Update v10

Tropico 6 Full Notes Update v10

Kalypso Media as well as the responsible programmers of Limbic Entertainment recently published a brand new Tropico 6 upgrade. Here we have the whole patch notes to you.

Tropico 6 Patch Notes 1.10 — July 7th



  • Relocate buildings
  • Additional ability to relocate vast bulk of buildings
  • Significantly diminished devastation animation time for buildings
  • Additional capacity to relocate a building into a place now blocked or impeded by stated building’s
    present place, e.g. transferring a construction by one tile
  • Construction/Building tripping
  • it’s currently feasible to pause many buildings
  • Paused buildings don’t incur any costs and all workers will be terminated
  • Teamsters won’t deliver or pickup products from paused buildings
  • Performance optimizations
  • Improved functionality for big maps and inhabitants
  • Tweaked construction information UI to decrease and prevent scrollbars, if at all possible.

Community comments

  • Improved Guerrilla behavior
  • Guerrillas now spawn much farther away from the building they are wanting to engage, providing armed forces a much better opportunity at correctly intercepting
  • Guerrillas want a great deal longer, as they are now planting a bomb, instead of placing a building on fire, providing armed forces a much better chance to intercept.
  • Guerrillas have experienced their strength improved.
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