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UFC 4 Day One Patch Notes Update

UFC 4 Day One Patch Notes Update

UFC 4 Day One Patch Notes Update

EA has published the patch notes to the very first UFC 4 upgrade — We’ve got all of the information regarding this Day One spot on August 14th.

EA Sports UFC 4 is going to be published on August 14th, and also a patch for the game are also available on this day. The model number isn’t yet apparent, it’ll be UFC Update 1.01 or UFC 4 Update 1.02, based on if there are additional developments before the launching.

If you purchased the electronic edition, you won’t need to put in a Day One patch, the upgrade should be contained in the download. Only those having the disk version need to download the upgrade individually. The size isn’t known right now.

Here are the formerly known spot notes to the very first UFC 4 upgrade!

Learn the controls along with the meta behind entrances, striking, floor and pound, as well as the clinch. The training guide can be found below offline manners in primary menu and game aid from the pause menu

  • At launching UFC community tutorial movies will be added too, these will cover deeper gameplay meta/strategy including floor match and admissions
  • Added bypass performance to pre-fight and post-fight emotes
  • Fixed a problem with insufficient blood/damage when enjoying successive matches
  • Fixed issue causing noteworthy ear deformation
  • Fixed facial cartoon issue impacting fighter likeness on fighter select screen and fighter portraits
  • Tuned muscle definition on fighter versions
  • Fixed a problem with glove signature performance


Miscellaneous updates to a UFC fighter appearances/likenesses (Not all these can be accessible for your EA accessibility Play First Trial, some can not reveal till global launch on August 14th). Remarkable changes:

For example, fighters that had the cage superman punch couldn’t execute the normal superman punch.

  • Fixed cartoon issues with spinning squat
  • Fixed sprinting knee inputs



  • Additional player indicators into the entry HUD to spot who is attacking and defending
  • Takedown denial currently taxation attacker’s endurance
  • Depleting wellbeing in side control today contributes to knee belly
  • Fixed a problem where grapple assist occasionally result in further inputs
  • Fixed dead frames onto the transition into knee belly


  • Additional HUD during floor and pound to emphasize accessible transitions and admissions
  • Additional ground and pound transition from half shield up to complete guard for your sub fighter
  • Increased endurance penalty for missed strikes throughout floor and pound
  • Tuning: diminished temporary harm for the majority of positions
  • Tuning: diminished vulnerability when submitting into straights
  • Tuning: enhanced irreversible harm


  • Increased visibility of entry HUD alternatives
  • Submissions are tempered:
    • Reduced motion punishment for the protector.
    • Decreased the impact of little endurance benefits.
    • Decreased entry strength for the majority of admissions — the Back Flat Rear Naked Choke was the sole exception. This has been done in a manner that increases the comparison between the stronger and the poorer entries.


  • Sub fighter strikes no more disrupt cage electricity takedowns
  • Extra single leg push from knee grab place
  • High cube no more interrupts clinch cage takedowns
  • Cleaned up cartoons for knees at the grab teep kick posture
  • Removed obstructing of dominant fighter’s body from single beneath crate. All these are assumed to be countered using all the wizer escape, so pressing on the left rod to the competitor’s underhook, the contrary direction to the one used for its normal escape.


  • AI can now shield cage under body yells
  • Reduced the rate of tougher AI reaction to entry pushes
  • AI entry abilities have been tuned on Several issues
  • Improved the AI’s ability to shield strikes in cage single below when harm
  • Fixed a problem where the AI was Not Able to defend backpack position
  • Fixed a problem in which the AI idles in cage rear clinch
  • Additional 30+ new habit AIs for roster fighters
  • Upgraded AI motion and cage consciousness perception
  • Improved the impact of the competitor’s stats on AI gameplan


  • Camera corrected throughout Imanari Roll
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