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UFC 4 Patch Notes Update 3.00

UFC 4 Patch Notes Update 3.00

UFC 4 Patch Notes Update 3.00

EA has published the patch notes to get a brand new UFC 4 Update — We’ve got all of the information regarding this Patch on September 24.

In total you’ve got to download about 1,8 GB, depending upon the stage.

Today’s upgrade adds Calvin Kattar and Pedro Munhoz into the match, together with new features and much more.


Important Upgrades:

  • Additional two new fighters Calvin Kattar and Pedro Munhoz
  • Additional following fighters to fresh weight classes:
    • Jon Jones into Heavyweight
    • Omari Akhmedov into Middleweight
    • Frankie Edgar into Bantamweight
    • Alexander Gustafsson into Heavyweight
  • Additional new things to Produce A Fighter including new hair fashions, clothing items, and emotes to Pick from
  • Additional Venue choose to Invite A Buddy
  • Upgraded Main Menu and created a new group, Understand, which comprises Practice, Tutorials and Coaching Manual
    • Access still stays under Preferences
  • Additional Simplified Controls alternative to Custom Fight Today Settings. This controller scheme simplifies the controls that are striking to fundamental inputs and the sport selects what attack to throw next dependent on the circumstance.
    • Simplified Controls is a fresh choice inside Custom Fight Today that allows you set up a battle without needing to understand all inputs that are striking.
    • You are able to turn it on separately for every single corner. Once turned on, use the face buttons to assault and the ideal cause to shield. The AI will subsequently select what motions or action to perform depending on the time of the button presses along with the circumstance.
    • Every facial button corresponds to a kind of assault:
      • X (Xbox) — Square (PS) correspond to punches
      • A (Xbox) — X (PS) correspond to kicks
      • Y (Xbox) — Triangle (PS) correspond to clinch
      • B (Xbox) — Circle (PS) correspond to takedown
      • RT (Xbox) — R2 (PS) can be used for the two blocking low and high and sways, based on timing

Gameplay Updates

  • Added the ability to refuse Spear Takedowns
  • Constant Drive added into some few places
    • The Back Clinch Drives from Back Clinch and Cage Back Clinch.
    • Continuous drives are if the attacker gets a opportunity to earn a fast twist, even following a speedy denial, until the drive finishes at a fracture.
  • Additional D’arce Choke to Rear Side Postured up place
  • Additional transition into Side Control from Back Side Postured upward
  • Additional Setup transition into Back Side Postured Up
  • Extra lively denial windows into flying admissions
  • Extra extra info to Exercise Mode HUD
    • Damage Blocked — Number of obstructed harm
    • Damage Range — percent mod because of scope obtained at
    • Damage Vulnerability — percent mod brought on by vulnerability
    • Present Stamina Damage — percent mod brought on by present endurance
    • Max Stamina Damage — percent mod brought on by maximum endurance
    • Opponent Stamina Damage — percent mod brought on by competitor’s stamina
  • Fixed issue where successive knees in Muay Thai clinch would avert transition into cage clinch.
    • Bug when backing up from thai, the Dom can spam knees to avoid entering the crate position.
  • Fixed issue in which some GnP Hooks seemed to property through posts that were successful.
  • Fixed issue in which Stacked Guard Heel Hook and Kneebar were about precisely the exact same input only allowing you to execute.
  • Fixed a problem with players escaping Takedowns instantly in some BackClinch situations
  • Fixed a problem with possible accidental influence inputs after submitting
  • Fixed a problem where floor strikes weren’t causing visual harm to fighters
  • Fixed a problem where players can immediately wake up from Tower takedowns
  • Fixed issue with characters being swapped after cage catch up from Sprawl
  • Fixed issue with bicep control”crap” cancelling competitor’s knees
  • Fixed instances of inappropriate defenses being powerful from clinch takedowns
  • Frozen cases of improper defenses being effective against takedown turns
  • Fixed issue with undue priority given to a floor alterations
  • Fixed issues with sways during Earth and Pound
  • Back Side Dom punches interrupted Sub transitions. All these are disabled during the transition
  • Body Side Kick and Spinning Side kick today aim opponent’s head whenever they are slipping forwards
  • Head harm today induces a little stamina drain
  • Slightly increased harm by Knee on Belly
  • Slightly increased permanent damage brought on by earth and pound
  • Improved the impact of damage characteristics
  • Removed choice to prevent while still leaning back
  • Tuned striking during clinch escapes
  • Reduced length of the guard posture condition
  • Removed evasion endurance punishment from strikes evaded by obstructing sways
  • Slip Counters are tuned
  • Tuned clinch entrance and escape endurance
  • Tuned that the takedown complete and denial endurance prices
  • Tuned submissions
  • Tuned Stamina price of Earth and Pound Strikes
  • Tuned Guru and Famous AI choke entry movement rates to guarantee the Legendary AI doesn’t get punished for proceeding too fast. Upgrades
    • Miscellaneous upgrades to a UFC fighter appearances/likenesses
      • Cody Garbrandt — Tattoo Update
      • Kevin Lee — Tattoo Update
      • Tim Elliot — Tattoo Update
      • Makwan Amirkhani — Tattoo Update
      • Fabricio Werdum — Tattoo Update
      • Eddie Wineland — Tattoo and Mustache upgrade
      • Jimmie Rivera tattoo upgrade
      • Anthony Smith — Tattoo upgrade
    • Fixed various UI problems
    • Fixed issues with progress for some of the challenges
    • Upgraded OWC Fighter Select to conceal competitor’s name and branch
    • Disabled Ground Defence arrows on Legendary issue
    • Stamina HUD continues to be upgraded visually
    • Fixed general equilibrium issues
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