UnderMine Patch Notes Update 1.0

UnderMine Patch Notes Update 1.0

UnderMine Patch Notes Update 1.0

The programmers of UnderMine introduced the Update 1.0 today. Below you’ll see all information relating to this upgrade on August 6.

The UnderMine Update 1.0 could be downloaded today. After five years we’ve “finished” growth of UnderMine, therefore the programmers.

UnderMine Update 1.0 / Patch Notes 1.0

The Gate is Active and the last Encounter is Nigh

  • Upon collecting all of 5 boss items, the mysterious and ancient gate could be opened. Cross onto another side and discover what expects.

New Final Room

  • Each peasant deserves a while and time to consider after a jog. Hence, the area that houses Death’s Head (currently Death’s Hand) was changed. Relax and soak in the tranquil ruins, gently lapped by the ripples of this fountain’s water that is drinkable.

The Crone Valeen and Hexes

  • Serious players need more critical challenges. Now, after finishing their initial run, the participant will unlock Valeen, the Crone. Valeen then combines the heart as well as also the Othermine antechamber. The participant can ask Valeen to hex themwhich will apply strong buffs that must not be eliminated during a run. Hexes seriously change a run and may be piled on top of each other for extra challenge.

With the exclusion of Siefried’s Torment, all hexes are unlocked in precisely the exact same period as Valeen.

This hex is unlocked while the player completes a cursed aegis operate at the Othermine. It implements an indestructible curse on each floor.
Sets the peasant into one wellness point for the whole run.
Inflicts damage on the peasant anytime they pick up gold.

Prevents the peasant out of recovery.

Floors no more need relic rooms.
Enemies have double the wellness and treat double damage.
Disables all permanent updates (this hex is currently employed for its secondary boss accomplishments ).
All things seem the same.

Additional Artifacts
Artifacts, such as particular keys, boss items, Baba’s mushrooms, along with the Dusty Book now have their very own tab at the diary. Each includes a lore entrance, and a few contain suggestions as to what their usage is.

Mousing overfocusing (with control ) that the peasant’s battle stats will show a thorough breakdown of fans and modifiers which give rise to the last statistic.
Another tab was added to the diary which monitors lifetime statistics. We are seeking to expand this let us know if you have some suggestions.

The minimap now shows the whole floor when enlarged. It will scale in size to accommodate the exact dimensions and contour of the ground.

Peasants will be given a care package when quickly traveling with Hoodie. It contains relics to your travels. The amount of relics are determined by how much you traveled but are far less numerous than if you left the trek the conventional way.


Steam Trading Cards

  • Trading cards may appear on your Steam stock as you play with UnderMine. Trade them with different players, amassing full places to unlock new badges, profile wallpapers, and emotes to be utilized across Steam.

Soundtrack Currently Available

  • UnderMine’s OST, written by the gifted Wesley Slover, is currently available for purchase. You may grab your copy for $4.99 USD. It comprises 30 tracks and gorgeous album art.

Achievement Changes

  • we’ve altered the requirements where players can make the 5″No Updates” boss accomplishments. Now, you should simply conquer the 5 big managers when utilizing the”Rogue’s Ultimatum” hex, which is the same as with no updates. This is to relieve a good deal of confusion about what makes an”update” and to prevent the necessity to initiate a new save file. Please notice: If you’d earned these accomplishments under the previous rules, you will still need them and don’t have to make them .The accomplishment”Between a Rock and a Hard Place” (Defeat the Rockpile Mimic without updates ) was eliminated and two new accomplishments are added.

20 New Things

  • Birthing Pod
  • Canis Major
  • Catch Sphere
  • Circinus
  • Dual Doubler
  • Fork
  • Gecko Blast
  • Greaves
  • Obsidian Knife
  • Pauldron
  • Sagitta
  • Shield of Quills
  • Soul Cannon
  • Soul Guard
  • Spare Ordinance
  • Ursa Major
  • Ara
  • Gauntlets
  • Short Wicks
  • Pangolin Potion

Bug Fixes

  • Over 200 Memory and Performance optimizations across Each area of the game. The stutter is now dead!
  • Pathfinding data rebuilds are timed easier to stop enemies from immediately falling into a pit or spending the whole encounter attempting to walk through walls
  • Water reflections no longer render through floor tiles
  • Default settings in the options menu should now behave more predictably
  • Secret walls now layer the same as regular walls to avoid information leaks
  • The red shopkeeper is no longer mortal
  • Fixed an issue with Kiss of the Succubus that would stop it from healing you
  • Improved Djinn and Pocket of Holding logic to more reliably proc in the very first room of a zone
  • The shopkeeper’s hut now has a better hitbox to prevent items from getting stuck on it
  • Fixed an issue that would let you put the debuff granted by Branding Bombs onto the relic altar
  • Fixed a problem with swapping potions too quickly after picking up a new potion that would depart from your potions in a bad state
  • Fixed an issue that would allow auto-attack things like Othermine Conduit to damage bosses during the initial setup sequence
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Mortar to begin his final attack pattern early when running in Russian or German
  • You can’t cancel out of Compulsion by jumping at the ideal moment
  • TsarBomba no longer procs on Troll and Ogre bombs
  • Spikes should now spawn under grass much less frequently
  • Favorable Selt larvae are now able to be more reliably hit by enemies
  • Tightened up the hitbox on Master Pickaxe projectiles so they are not as likely to get hung up on walls behind their direction of travel
  • Master Pickaxe projectiles will now enrage NPCs the same as a normal attack
  • The relic choice encounter in the Golden Core no longer permits you to take all 3 relics
  • Fixed a problem that would make Kurtz’s team non-interactable if you return to his room later
  • Fixed some layering issues with Morningstar traps
  • Waking Light shots can now be correctly reflected with Grimhilde’s Mirror
  • Witch’s Brew will now backfill with minor curses if you’ve already encountered every curse on such streak
  • Noori is now less inclined to go briefly invisible when jumping around the room
  • Resolved a re-rolling problem that would permit you to pick up a Talisman just by touching it
  • Fixed a zone layout issue that would permit the relic altar room to spawn adjacent to only a secret room
  • Arrows are now considered minions to stop them from being farmed
  • Noori’s beams now cut through the darkness to make them more visible when the torches are out
  • Potion timer states are now smarter about restoring to the right ratio when loading a save file
  • Armor items like Breastplate will no longer refill your armor pips if you juggle them on the relic altar
  • Fixed an issue with the”chooser” UI (like shown by the All Potion) that would cause it to fall off the screen if shown too near the edge of the screen
  • Explorer’s Boots will no longer attempt to repeatedly activate as you’re ignited or poisoned
  • The gargoyles guarding the Master’s Key cannot be killed while in statue form before the fight begins. This prevents several scenarios which would cause the participant to become locked in this area.
  • Fixed a tiny graphical glitch with the Dusty Book at the Hall Library
  • Chests recorded at the Othermine Antechamber will now drop loot
  • Player will no longer be obstructed in the Cavern/Core transition space, unless they talk with Toadvine or even Bathcat
  • Cut scenes at the heart will no more overlap if triggered in precisely the exact same period

Balance Changes

  • Canary degree 3 pickup delay was reduced by 50 percent
  • Buffed Starlight Sip to now drop 16 meteors rather than 12
  • Rainbow Kernels can no more replicate All-Potions
  • Slightly reduced Large Rat wellness
  • Slightly lowered Rat Matron wellness
  • Slightly lowered Selt’s wellness
  • Slightly lowered Lurker wellbeing
  • Bat behaviour today has a 1 minute delay to prevent shotgunning players on space entrance
  • Lowered the price of echo blast to 2000 golden
  • Increased chances of discovering antiques and Kurtz
  • Improved the possibility of locating Shrimp experiences
  • Firebird’s fireball now ignites torches
  • Decreased Noori, Ponzu, and Seer’s wellbeing proportional to their general wellness pool
  • Lowered the price of Gecko’s Foot, Gecko’s Additional Foot, Food Voucher, Food Voucher two, and also Fundamental Item Voucher
  • Thorium stones finally have a 20% chance to fall schematics
  • Lowered the number of enemies and dangers that could arise in certain smaller chambers
  • Red skeletons currently regrow 1 minute quicker
  • Slightly decreased the period of this Crystal Lurker’s AOE

Other Changes

  • UnderMine currently runs on the Xbox One and Windows 10 Store!
  • UnderMine is currently constructed on the .NET 4.x frame
  • Enriched a Lot of the wall flaws at the Caverns
  • Upgraded Thorium intro movie and eliminated Fandom intro movie
  • Seer now casts smokescreen once a every 20 percent of his maximum hp missing
  • Seer’s”tail” hitbox has been tightened up to more accurately match his artwork
  • A number of old thing icons have been enhanced
  • A text reminder of your current potion today appears under the potion slot whenever you switch potions
  • The highest summoning stone limitation is currently smaller (although still quite large) to Avoid boss wellbeing from bettering
  • The peasant’s gym now has a minimum width of 50 pixels
  • Enemies make an effort to spawn at least 4 components from your entryway
  • Float Boots and Float Potion now just reveal a floating impact when over a pit without more provide the impression They’ll mitigate all earth hazards
  • Bobo’s hit detection has been enhanced to stop him from running into things Which Are supporting his leadership of travel
  • Esc should now be pushed twice to bypass the conduct listing display
  • Caustic Vial now releases its own toxin cloud even if you one-shot a enemy
  • Additional a Suitable telegraph flash into your Gremlin dashboard attack
  • Additional new conversation to hub NPCs following the peasant has attained the Golden Core or defeated Seer
  • Fixed several NPCs to ensure they confront the peasant when talking to them
  • Additional new audio to Beltrame experiences in the mine
  • Additional new music when initial assembly Wayland from the mine
  • Additional new music when fulfilling Dibble and Dodson for the First-time
  • Additional new music when fighting Seer
  • Additional mini-boss music into the Gargoyle experience from the Dungeon
  • Added another hint into the tutorial
  • Twitter and Discord hyperlinks have been added to the name screen
  • Improved several thing icons
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