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Unlimited Items Glitch pushes Epic to disable the Motorboat

Unlimited Items Glitch pushes Epic to disable the Motorboat

Unlimited Items Glitch pushes Epic to disable the Motorboat

We have seen a great deal of major problems come and go — the most bothersome of which appear to possess popped-up in Chapter two.

In any case, the preeminent harness and glitch detective was YouTuber OrangeGuy. He discovers key glitches and makes them visible to people — revealing Epic exactly just how many of the approaches are finished. Epic should place him on their citizenship for just how much QA testing he is done on them.

A number of OrangeGuy’s exploits are goofy and fun, while some are totally game-breaking. His latest locate dropped into the latter group. It had been so broken that Epic handicapped Motorboats — that the catalyst to its glitch — nearly instantly as soon as the movie came out.


The tap is a very simple duplication glitch, but it permits you to easily carry more than 1 million of a specific item on your stock. You are able to use the glitch to cure permanently in the storm, take unlimited defenses, or whatever else that an endless number of things will allow.

“The very best way to repair this glitch would be to disable ships until you determine the matter,” he wrote. “This glitch is not possible to do without ships, no additional vehicles operate.

The rate where Epic disabled ships in Fortnite should provide you an indication of just how broken this glitch was. Hopefully, Epic can get a fix and empower boats sooner instead of later.

Obviously, eliminating ships would not be much of a problem if we had cars in the sport. Hopefully, they will be coming tomorrow.


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