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Valorant Patch Notes Update 1.03

Valorant Patch Notes Update 1.03

Valorant Patch Notes Update 1.03

We are going to show you all of the details about this upgrade on July 7th.

This isn’t a pure server upgrade, you need to download and install 201 MB.

With the current upgrade, there are a number of alterations to the weapons as well as the personalities. Naturally, some bugs in the game will also be fixed.


  • Price decreased from 2700 >>> 2500
  • speed of Fire decreased in 6.5 >>> 4.75
  • Penetration electricity increased from Moderate >>> hefty
  • Input Signal updated from 0.083 >>> 0.1175

Up till today, the Guardian has dwelt in a peculiar place in the arsenal. Price-wise, it stayed near the premium rifles although not satisfactorily competing with their electricity, which makes it overly costly as an alternate financial choice, but not strong enough to be regarded as a premiere weapon choice. Its rapid fire pace made it stronger in close range situations than we would like, given our intentions for its weapon’s long-lived, precision shooter dream, anddespite its own semi-automatic, heavy-hitting shooting fashion –it matched other rifles concerning penetrating power. We expect these changes will sharpen the Guardian’s individuality as a long-range, versatile weapon, using its heavy penetration worth and reduced cost providing a more cohesive choice competition to the rifle group of this arsenal.


  • Removed place where Spike was not able to be recovered once dropped.
  • Fixed multiple places where players Could clip in level geometry
  • Removed more places where Sova’s detector arrow managed to maneuver through walls
  • New Orb: Twin Hunters
    • Capturing the orb releases two searching wolves to track the two closest enemies (out of orb place, they won’t change goals after spawning).
      • Wolves accelerate when they see an enemy and dashboard at them when shut, slowing and near-sighting for 4 minutes upon impact.
      • Wolves have 150 HP and may be broken
      • Wolves will time out in 15 seconds, or when their goal is murdered
  • Split: Orb Location
    • Mid guard side orb has been transferred onto middle stage to make it marginally less defender favorite
  • Unrated Mode vote needs to maneuver changed from 100% to 80%
  • Aggressive Mode vote demands to maneuver stays at 100 percent
  • now you can predict a vote beginning with around 5 versus around 8
  • A new button at the in-game menu was inserted to predict a vote
    • We understand it could be sometimes hard to receive a surrender vote to maneuver awarded it’s required an unanimous vote. For Unrated Mode , that is intended to be reduced stakes than Aggressive (no position online ), we’ve made adjustments so when the huge bulk of the group would like to surrender (80 percent ) they are now able to opt out of the game and discover a fairer fight earlier.
    • For Aggressive Mode we intend to maintain the vote necessity as unanimous, since surrendering has an influence on your position (all of unplayed rounds count as reduction credit), we would like to guarantee that the staff is in complete agreement before a conclusion is made that may negatively affect a player’s rank. We have also marginally reduced the minimal rounds necessary to be performed so that if gamers have a particularly poor start, they could opt out of the game sooner.
      • From the Collection displays, there’s now a checkbox to toggle between displaying all things or just owned ones (added choices and improvements for handling your collection will probably be arriving in future spots )
      • Fixed a bug in which the assignment”You or your ally plant/defuse spikes” occasionally didn’t take into consideration plants and defuses by allies
      • Transition displays and startup screens are currently letterboxed
      • Fixed text overlap problems from the Battlepass and Contract displays in certain languages
      • players in habit games with cheats enabled could pick another Agent to utilize on another round at the cheats menu.
      • Eliminating a buddy will now prompt a confirmation dialog
      • Pressing Escape whilst studying in the discussion box will automatically clean the message
      • Revised design of confirmation dialogs to earn main action bigger and constantly on the left; implemented color in a variety of areas, such as using red for damaging activities; revised the areas of a confirmation and cancel buttons for consequences
      • Minor fixes for visual artifacts onto Bind on Intel GPUs
      • Minor leave improvements for contemporary hardware
      • Additional a mistake popup for crashes on startup linking to troubleshooting manual for crashes
      • Patch notes and payment windows will climb properly on 4K tracks
      • IME input payment windows may now work properly (Japanese/Chinese)
      • Players are now able to see individual skin amounts from the collections and shop view
      • Upgrades to censored hit effect consequences for much better readability
      • Additional Agent silhouettes to get observers
      • Enhanced render functionality for silhouettes
      • Agent wellness pubs are now visible to observers
      • Fulfilling a purchase petition whilst going will no longer disrupt your motion
      • Custom Games Tournament Mode:
        • Custom matches can now be placed to Tournament Mode. This permits each player in the sport to get access to this Toggle Match Timer cheat in a game with no all additional cheats enabled. Additionally, it permits observers to be flagged as moderators, allowing them access to other cheats they can utilize as crucial. Regular observers can’t use cheats .
        • We are going to be considering expanding the list of moderator cheats in future stains.
          • Fixed a Cypher bug where lands Which Were placed like they had been on the interior of a door, wouldn’t activate when someone walked
          • Fixed a problem using the Match Timer hitching under unstable network states
          • Fixed a problem where players could not leap off ascenders if leap was jumped to the mousewheel
          • Fixed some visual Problems That could happen when reconnecting into the match while lifeless
          • Fixed Barrier stage statement showing up in regular matches to get observers
          • Fixed various UI issues on observer scoreboard


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