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Valorant Patch Notes Update 1.04

Valorant Patch Notes Update 1.04

Valorant Patch Notes Update 1.04

Riot Games Published a new Upgrade for Valorant today. We are going to show you all of the details about this upgrade on July 22.

The Valorant upgrade 1.04 is ready for download. This isn’t a pure server upgrade, you need to download and install 1,5 GB.

With the current upgrade, there are a number of alterations to the weapons as well as the personalities. Obviously, some bugs in the game will also be fixed.

Valorant Patch Notes 1.04 on July 22AGENT UPDATES


Viper’s Pit

  • Max time Outside her ult until it collapses altered out of 5>>>15 seconds
  • Viper may hold the capability key to fall her ult ancient
  • Enemies at Viper’s Pit possess their minimap obscured and don’t Offer minimap detection for their allies
  • Improved the brightness of the red enemy shine in the edge of Viper’s near-sight

With Viper being let from her ult for this brief time period, we believed that she wasn’t just restricted in the drama she would create, but also gave a lot constant advice to her enemies. The capability to maneuver away from the ult smoke freely should offer some fresh and interesting thoughts games for Viper to perform and puts the tactical pressure back to the enemy. Another improvements need to push Viper’s edge within her own smoke and also help her avoid becoming traded by enemies with minimap vision to aim her.


  • Enemy rust per second rose from 10 to 15 from all resources.
  • After departing Viper’s smoke, enemy corrosion sustains for 2.5 seconds before beginning to fade

Viper’s decay depleting so rapidly from enemies had been restricting the benefit it provided and was not producing the danger we’d hoped for as a outcome. Including a delay until it fades will widen the window at which Viper and her staff can capitalize and match with the Viper’s Pit upgrades (previously ) to present fresh methods to play her ult.


  • Using both Poison Cloud and Hazardous Display active doesn’t absorb extra fuel past the expense of owning one busy

The decrease in total uptime when both her eyesight blockers were busy was making it hard for Viper to use both tools together. Because Viper’s smoke has so much dedication and constitutes a lot of her apparel, we would like to spare her to utilize them to make strong alternatives for her staff to shoot blogs.

Showstopper ultimate Price shifted from 6 to 7 Ult factors

Raze’s ultimate is among the most impactful from the sport and helpful in just about any circumstance. Because of this, it’s being used a little too frequently. So we are increasing the price , which should help decrease how often players need to confront her Showstopper.

Orbital Strike ultimate price shifted from 6 to 7 Ult factors

Similar to Raze’s Ultimate, Brimstone’s Ult is quite impactful and helpful in a huge array of situations. We feel as though it was affecting rounds somewhat too often, so chose to up the price slightly.

Stim Beacon no more Buffs enemies and no more reveals its impact radius to enemies

The Stim beacon is supposed to be a fairly situational capability but we believed that showing Brimstone’s place and having the capability to inadvertently buff enemies was creating this ability significantly poorer than we would like.

Once you think about an FPS, you will see that you spend an awful quantity of time studying your arms…like all of the time. Before launching, we planned to raise the fidelity of Brimstone’s arms to coincide with the total quality of the match. We did itnow look at these guns!


Cyber Cage can now be picked up throughout the purchase phase



The timeless right-click was the key bug fix , but we found a chance to earn the weapon act a little more consistently. We slightly tuned efficiency of hop right-clicks, but (ideally ) have not taken their viability in close-range situations

  • Fixed bug where conducting inaccuracy on the right-click has been higher than planned
    • running was incorporating a 1.5 penalty since it had been referencing our generalized running mistake curves for pistols
  • Fixed bug where leaping had no more inaccuracy punishment
  • Running disperse is altered from 3.4 >>> 2.1
    • mainly a bug fix
  • Jumping spread shifted from 1.9 >>> 2.3
  • Walking disperse shifted from 1.9 >>> 1.95
  • Additional a 10% bonus to precision when crouching and static
    • Intent would be to sense consistent with crouch supplying an precision benefit


Replaced the prior Weapon Stats textbox from the pre-round store with an easier-to-compare graphical representation of stats


  • Observer minimap vision cones are colored by group
  • Replaced Reyna’s Voice Over for Mexican and Italian
    • Regrettably, as a result of COVID-19 the abilities we understood for the function were unable to record because of regional limitations. Now you can find the voices we initially meant for Mexican and Italian Reyna!


  • Adjusted the quantity on the Elderflame Operator equip animation
  • Fixed bug that will cause the quantity to pile if you junk armed the Operator
  • Enemy footsteps duck decorative bus correctly
    • This usually means that enemy footsteps will always decrease the amount of the skin audio effects which aren’t significant to gameplay, such as the fire whooshes, dragon roar, etc..
  • Elderflame Melee inspect cartoon today has audio effects for level 1 and two


  • Gun pickup targeting and Sage Ultimate targeting merged with ally personality highlights, rescuing VRam and GPU functionality
  • Minor rendering performance fixes
  • Gun skin update videos are currently streamed rather than locally saved, decreased install dimension by 380MB


  • Fixed requirement for Reyna to look at Soul Orbs to trigger them and keep her recovery, behaviour should match of patch 1.02
  • Fixed one-way Brimstone smokes when the participant’s camera has been round the top of the smoke
  • Fixed Breach’s Aftershock not correctly employing damage to all characters when multiple are struck by it
  • Fixed jittering when hitting the maximum flight elevation of Sova’s drone
  • Fixed Marshall bug in which the weapon preserved precision Whilst walking
  • Fixed issues with some translucency effects being a single framework behind (like Jett’s dashboard, when utilized with the participant )
  • Frozen ally highlights not showing up on some AMD GPUs when using MSAA, and a few Intel GPUs
  • Fixed a bug where loading displays didn’t pay the Whole display when playing certain resolution/aspect ratio mixes
  • Shortened the text onto the photosensitivity warning display
  • Fixed a bug in which the”equip” button will remain greyed out when buying a skin version that’s being previewed
  • Fixed Brimstone smokes on Haven spawning cancel of where planned
  • left a typo at Brimstone’s biography (thanks mooonlimes for its accounts )
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