Valorant Patch Notes Update 1.08

Valorant Patch Notes Update 1.08

Valorant Patch Notes Update 1.08

Riot Games published a new upgrade for Valorant today. We are going to show you all of the details about this upgrade on September 16.

The Valorant Update 1.08 is currently offered. So far there’s absolutely no information about this upgrade, the way to upgrade this article whenever possible.


  • Initial harm decreased to 15 with a.2 meter internal radius, falling off to Five minimal damage
  • when the satchel lands, it arms following.5 seconds, raising it’s maximum harm to 50
  • Shooting the burst package makes it detonate, adapting its Existing harm level
  • Satchel no longer does harm allies

Raze’s Blast Bundle was dishing out damage with no giving enemies much counterplay. This change should make it rather clear when Blast Bundle’s damage poses a danger whilst keeping the utility elements of this Blast Pack that gamers have started to master. The burst pack does not’fizzle’ when taken and may still do harm, meaning it should nevertheless be approached closely if in mortal variety.

  • Cost reduced from 2500 >>> 2400
  • Improved Rate of flame out of 4.75 >>> 5.25 RPS (rounds per minute )
  • Enhanced weapon retrieval from .35 following 3 bullets to .2925 following 3 bulletsWe do not believe the Guardian can (or if ) compete directly with the Phantom or Vandal but we would like it to have a place where players may sense great picking into the rifle in the new cost, is an aggressive buy in certain financial conditions or map situations, and is not as penalizing as an enemy gets close!

It is happening! The potential pool of maps it is possible to get put on is currently’pseudo-random’ instead of pure random. What this means if you played, state, Haven, the matchmaker will deprioritize that map into another game.

  • Matchmaking lineup for many modes has been upgraded to quantify all of your newly played maps, during all manners, so that for any given queue you:
    • possess a better Prospect of playing a map that you have not played lately
    • Are Not as likely to play the Exact Same map many games in a row


  • Observers will now see a timer as opposed to their display being obscured when watching a participant Who’s blinded
    • Full display blind for observers could be turned back on at the choices, for all you masochists
  • Minimap performance enhancements
  • The societal panel will now stop sorting while you are messing or interacting with it
  • Upgraded verbiage at the All Ranks modal from the Career webpage to be consistent with stricter editorial principles


    • Prime Classic VFX fixed
      • There has been a bug where update Prime amounts (2–4) weren’t enjoying the Right tracers, sound fx, and other VFX
    • Fixed a bug in which the Conclusion of Game screen would display a”Still processing” message, then would not reveal that game on your Career tab
    • Fixed a bug in which”High Ability Disparity” would exhibit at Custom Game Lobbies
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