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valorant Patch Notes Update 1.09

valorant Patch Notes Update 1.09

valorant Patch Notes Update 1.09

Yesterday Riot Games published a new upgrade for Valorant. Here we show you all of the upgrades and bug fixes from September 30th.

The Valorant Update 1.09 can be downloaded. In total you need to download about 1.4 GB.

We are keeping your eye on the general ability level of Paranoia, however, as the initial measure needed to solve visual difficulties where players struck with Paranoia seem outside its effects on their own screen.


Blade Storm (Burst Fire)

  • The period between successive Burst Fire usage has grown from 0.33 moments >>> 0.45 moments
  • Daggers thrown in Burst have a harm falloff that starts at 12 meters and drops (to 35 harm ) at maximum falloff
  • Headshot multiplier on Burst Fire diminished from 3x >>> 2x

While we continue to explore some of her outsized advantages, we believe the burst fire on her Blade Storm continues to be over-performing at long ranges. The burst flame is meant to be a close range attack, but we discovered it often getting frags at more than 20 meters apart. These modifications aim to rein in its successful range whilst keeping its close range effectiveness.

Whilst Viper is more powerful than her general effect is lower than we would like. This round of modifications proceeds in exactly the exact same vein as spot 1.07–raising her versatility, particularly when attempting to perform with teammates.


  • Viper now begins the round in 100 fuel (formerly 50)

Now Viper can put her wall pre-round, we need her to have the ability to act together with her staff directly at obstruction fall minus the strain of trying to optimize her gas to get a first move.

Instantly dropping the exposed debuff upon departure was not producing the danger we have hoped for if we inserted it. This change needs to make the Viper (and staff ) advantage window realistic, in addition to project a exceptional hazard on competitions playing it.

Viper’s Pit

  • Move rate awakened while casting
  • Viper now quickly equips her weapon following casting, re-equip times change each gun–but on average will reduce down her weapon time by.4 seconds

The combination of a slow positioning and re-equip period was leading in Viper players becoming too hurt or murdered while projecting ults in a scenario we believed ought to be quite safe. This change should improve the positional choices available whilst projecting, and receive up your weapon earlier.

During its preceding fire pace, we believed Empress was overly powerful when utilizing heavies/smgs, AND too quickly to master the shift in spray pattern on rifles. We expect this change enables us to tackle both problems at the same time, while also providing us a opportunity to really have a unified fire speed increase (fitting Brimstone’s stim under ) which players may learn and grasp.

Paired with Reyna’s shift (above), we believed Brimstone’s stim may use a bit more punch. This also unifies both fire speed increase fans, which makes them simpler to learn.


Before you leap to media which”send” button, then please see our thinking behind the Operator modifications below. The Operator’s really been a regular talking point across the neighborhood in the past couple of spots, so bear with us.

The Operator functions an significant part in VALORANT: It supplies the hardest tactical challenge for groups to conquer, requiring strategic planning and smart utility usage. We have been taking a long look in the weapon to attempt and comprehend the perfect approach to correct some of its oversize advantages while making sure it remains the most effective angle-holding weapon from the arsenal.


For you Aggressive Operators–arid peeking angles using an Operator is more powerful than we would like (particularly when leap peeking). Furthermore, pushing an Operator from an angle with usefulness feels less precious because the user can re-peek and kill their competitor in a trusted speed. This package of mechanical modifications (deadzone, scoped move rate, shooting speed, equip time, hop land inaccuracy) goals such problems, raising counterplay around high-mobility Operator play. The Operator is still quite powerful at tethered angles but predictable repeeks ought to be less difficult to punish.

Regarding Operator accessibility –we are seeing a number of you get the Operator+Armor combo as early as around 3 and snowballing which direct into further Ops through the half. The new price point waits the Operator’s look and increases the punishment for dying with you in hand. We expect to balance the risk/reward of employing this superior weapon.

A related notice on breaking angles with skills: several skills in the sport are constructed to take angles, particularly when a potent weapon such as the Operator is submitted on such an angle. The recent modifications to Breach have contributed players access to stronger angle-breaking usefulness, but it still feels as though there is more to be accomplished. We are taking a look at some changes for a few Agents, but they will require some extra reps internally to construct confidence about them. Expect more from us later on!


  • Increased cost from 4500 >>> 5000
  • Decreased scoped movement rate from 76 percent >>> 72 percent
  • Adjusted weapon deadzone from getting improper at 30% movement rate >>> 15 percent (become wrong sooner, become true after when quitting )
  • Firing speed decreased from .75 >>>.6
  • Immediate turnaround time corrected from 0.3 >>> 0.5 (instant equip performs after tapping orb, bomb defuse/plant faucet, Jett Cloud Burst, along with Phoenix Curveball)
  • Leg shot harm decreased from 127 >>> 120

We have seen a trend where gamers landing from a jump can shoot right earlier than is realistic. Although this matter is most conspicuous on the Operator, it’s something which we have seen across all weapons. Jump peeking is beneficial for the mixup possible it supplies but it was proving too hard for gamers to reasonably cope with. These modifications retain that mixup possible whilst marginally increasing the time prior to the peeker can shoot with flawless precision.

  • Jump land inaccuracy nation changed from slow >>> binary
  • Bound land inaccuracy length increased from.2 >>> .225
  • Jump land inaccuracy worth rose from 5.0 >>> 7.0 (much more erroneous for .225s following a property )


  • in this patch, the odds of being in one hourqueue should be especially reduced
    • That is currently an extremely infrequent event, but it might occur more frequently because of elevated rank players–notably within premade groups. We’re also doing some pruning behind the scenes to stay high rank matches seen following long queue times fairly balanced and honest.


  • Riot ID Reviews
    • players which were reported for improper Riot IDs are now reviewed automatically after the game has finished. If their name is flagged as improper, they’ll be made to modify their own Riot ID the next time they log into the Riot Client.
  • Removed Multi-line Breaks in Chat
    • Many sneaky folks were impersonating system messages to others into stopping a game. Enough!
  • Changes to celebration push to talk settings will take effect instantly
  • The chat window is now able to be immobilized to remain open across menus
  • Social Panel Sorting Logic
    • Sorting algorithm to the societal panel was upgraded to make it even more intuitive for gamers as they interact with this.


  • Fixed issue in which Sova’s hitbox was wrong when utilizing his Owl Drone
  • Fixed bug where Omen’s luminous eyes were not correctly eliminated if he cancelled his ult
  • Fixed a bug where Custom Game tastes would be wiped after navigating away in the Custom Game lobby


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