Valorant Patch Notes Update Version 1.06

Valorant Patch Notes Update Version 1.06

Valorant Patch Notes Update Version 1.06

A brand new upgrade for Valorant was released. We are going to show you all of the details about this upgrade on August 20.

The Valorant Update 1.06 is currently offered. Today’s update brings several improvements and bug fixes.

Valorant Patch Notes 1.06 on August 20AGENT UPDATES

  • The sound and graphics for blinding effects (Phoenix Curveball and Breach Flashpoint) should indicate if to turn off, and as soon as it’s safe to look again


All shotguns upgraded to be accurate when fired whilst in the atmosphere

  • Spread punishment when in atmosphere improved.5 >>> 1.25
  • While shotguns do well in most situations they’re supposed to,, there has been too frustrating moments where individuals are true using those weapons whilst in the atmosphere. We aspire to suppress a few of those experiences while making them potential if you grab a competition in a brief distance. We will also be exploring more possible changes to shotguns today that we are rested.


  • Possible fix for the bug in which the participant HUD occasionally disappears.
  • Fixed a bug in deathmatch game background & game details where ties involving 3 or more players weren’t displaying as a tie, rather showing the lowest position as though they weren’t tied (so a three way tie for 2nd would reveal 4TH PLACE rather than 2ND PLACE (TIED)).
  • Fixed a bug that enabled progress towards aggressive matchmaking for brand new gamers by forfeiting unrated games.
  • Forfeited games will never rely on the Competitive need for your group who sacrificed.
  • Fixed a bug in which” will show up in the chat .
  • Fixed a bug where odd player names may appear in conversation when handling celebration invites
  • Fixed a bug in which a few players were overlooking wages after reaching the conclusion of Agent Contracts or the Act Battlepass. Playing a match ought to give the lost rewards, such as missing wages from Act 1.
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