Phoenix is a personality which works quite nicely for independent players. He is pretty much alone at the match such a fashion. Phoenix’s skills mainly serve to push him which your staff can arrange around. If you are a player that is independent or you’re searching for an offensive agent to play then Phoenix is a great choice. Valorant is a intricate game, using different representatives, maps, and weapons to balance. You’ve got to have the absolute most out, if you’d like to be playing your best. Most of your choices in the sport though beginning with your agent. Selecting the proper agent for you is tough, but as soon as you find them you’ve to put some time to mastering them.


Curveball is a vital ability to learn if you are playing as Phoenix. It is possible to muster a fireball which functions as a grenade. It’s a flashbang, which can blind players who look at it to get about a second and a half. This blinding also applies to you though, along with your teammates at Valorant. Phoenix’s kit is constructed around grenades, which is the ideal movement for fragging.

It does take matters a step farther though, this frag can be curved round corners. This plays into the gameplay that tends to happen in Valorant and permits you to push past those corners that become chokepoints.

Using the capability is pretty textbook. Disorientate competitions before pushing to get the kill.


Hot Hands is your second ability that is comparable to a grenade. This one is absolutely free, but you just get one usage. This Valorant Phoenix ability resembles a Molotov grenade. It deals damage, but can also be employed to push enemies out of a room or even clear a space and hall of a good deal of combatants. When you step in the region, you are not hurt. Instead, you can cure up to around 50 points. Your teammates don’t share this bonus though.

This one is best utilized to push ahead and secure ground, or push enemies from a zone. Don’t be reluctant to use it defensively either.



This capacity in Valorant is just one of Phoenix’s more strategic choices. It’s a wall of fire which you can throw up. This is really beneficial to zone enemies out and induce them to choose another path. Standing in it may also cure you, exactly like with hot hands.

Among the more complicated items to do with this capability will be to control where it falls in a curve as opposed to a line. You can do this by holding your mouse button as you move, but getting the right curve is going to take some exercise. Beyond these applications, you may use it to block other skills if timed properly.

This Valorant Phoenix guide covers all skills, but maybe the most important is the supreme. This is only one of the very fun abilities in the game to use. Once your time is up or you die, you re spawn at which you triggered the ability in your normal state.

This permits you to rush into a place all guns blazing and attempt to make some progress. Successful or not, you’ll respawn just fine. 1 important issue to keep in mind with Run it Back is that your re spawn animation takes a few seconds. Should you respawn at risk, you’re as good as dead.

As well as having great offensive possible, you can telephone some recon advice to your team from Run it again back. This capacity is really fun and has loads of great software in Valorant for Phoenix.

These are all of the Valorant Phoenix abilities. However, playing Phoenix at Valorent nicely takes a little more.

  • Phoenix is ideal to pushing out before other players.
  • In addition to offensive though, the skills have some defensive capabilities. Don’t forget about it.
  • Stick to what Phoenix is great at and frag enemy players. Support players ought to be supporting you in this.
  • While Valorant Phoenix functions good as a solo broker, you want to be in communicating with your team. You do not need to assist others really considerably with phoenix, but you will need to be coordinated to rely on others.
  • The healing elements of your skills are well worth keeping in mind even if they’re not the best means to utilize them.
  • You need to try to master curving your ability above a wall as well as round a corner. This is a great piece of technical ability that you should master as a Phoenix player.
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