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Valorant Release Update 1.0 Patch Notes

Valorant Release Update 1.0 Patch Notes

Valorant Release Update 1.0 Patch Notes

default Unrated mode along with the recently added Spike Rush. So when is rated Valorant coming out? And why did Riot remove it at the first location?

Riot doesn’t supply an official Valorant ranked release date, however you can expect its rated system and Competitive way to reunite in”a few patches” following launching, based on Riot’s official blog. We do not know how long that’ll take, but Riot has been releasing patches at a rather steady pace. We will keep you updated.


Riot removed Aggressive style and ranks from Valorant at launching to further improve on the system, but also to provide players who didn’t get into the beta a chance to learn the fundamentals.

Read Riot’s complete announcement under, part of its Valorant’s update 1.0 patch notes:

 We’ll also make some alterations to innovate based on staying closed beta participant opinions. Our aim is to turn Competitive a couple of spots into our launch.

If you are curious about how Valorant’s ranked system will operate in Valorant, then we’ve got a rated program and Competitive Mode guide that breaks down how it worked through its brief early access period from the Valorant closed beta.

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