Valorant Update 1.01 Patch Notes

Valorant Update 1.01 Patch Notes

Valorant Update 1.01 Patch Notes

Riot Games Published a new Upgrade for Valorant today. We are going to show you all of the details about this upgrade on June 2.

The Valorant upgrade 1.01 is ready for download. Is available today, it’s a server patch. So that you do not need to put in a patch.

With this upgrade the new Spike Rush manner is included. Additionally, there are additional optimizations and bug fixes.


  • Barrier Orb throw range decreased 20 >>> 10 meters

As a Sentinel, Sage is presumed to be effective when protecting land she controls. The 20m throw array was enabling Sage to take control of impartial land in a means which was improper for her role in Valorant. This variety reduction intends to maintain her powerful whilst defending territory but decrease her effectiveness in taking floor.

  • Ascent
  • Fixed several places where weapons were falling throughout the world and problems with wall penetration
  • Launched several telephone out names to match participant terms
  • Every match of Spike Rush currently features a pair of 5 randomly chosen orbs
    • The Total Ultimate orb will probably always be accessible
    • 4 of the remaining 7 orb types will be selected in random
  • Chosen orb forms will be shown at a description widget equally in personality pick and during pre-round
  • Health Orb – Grants teamwide health regen (instant)
    • 20 second length
    • 12 HP per minute (3HP per signal )
    • SFX/VFX simply play while really curing
  • Deception Orb – Applies”Paranoia” into the enemy group 3 minutes after catch
    • 10 next debuff
    • Vision is significantly reduced (plus a Little Field of Vision change )
    • Fake footsteps and gunfire play affected players
    • Minimap is handicapped
  • Golden Gun – Grants shooting player a Golden Gun
    • One-shot, one-kill
    • Absolutely true constantly
    • Agent moves in blade pace
    • Just Has a single bullet in room and two copy rounds
    • Kills grant Another round


  • New pre-round HUD component that reveals the weapon & possible orb types for the current round.
  • Players today get 1 greatest purpose for collecting virtually any orb.

Our functionality work this patch chiefly focuses on enhancing performance during battle and basic performance enhancements for high spec machines. The sport should feel much smoother in battle and several scenes will probably have greater average FPS based upon your spec.

  • Combat Perf: We could repair lots of things causing drops throughout battle.
    • Skins for 9/10 players were failing to pre-load from the match. The very first time you would encounter the skin in-game you would encounter a drop in framerate.
    • Reduced framework drops which would happen when a kill callout was inserted or eliminated to the hud.
    • Improved the operation of the Viper particular HUD components which had any performance problems.
  • +FPS on Mid to High Spec: We Could enhance CPU bottlenecks in a few areas Throughout the code Too. Lower spec machines might still benefit from a number of those improvements but might just observe the gains during battle.
    • Additional multithreaded rendering support for top end machines. If your system meets the requirements to profit from multithreaded rendering, you will see a new choice to turn it off or on from the Graphics Quality menu. It is on by default for all these machines
    • Multithreaded rendering enhances performance in arenas in which the price of handling objects which have to be left exceeds the price of the match simulation and the price of really making the spectacle around the GPU. These circumstances commonly occur when going through scenes with a great deal of objects observable (ex. Split attacker spawn) and in most circumstances where the game simulation does not need much work (ex. Practice range, from battle gameplay, etc.).
  • Multithreaded vision cones; minimap vision cones will compute on a different thread, if it is capable to
  • Big VFX moves across all channels, this decreased the CPU side price of those particles by allowing the GPU to perform more of this simulator
  • Reworked customer performance Stats to add more detailed breakdown of framework times
  • Sova’s Recon Dart will act more frequently and only show the Part of enemies behind a wall
  • Added a setting Which Allows the stock to always seem
  • Pings doesn’t longer draw allies and enemies when put behind them
  • Transition from match today shows the map that you played rather than Brimstone and Sage walking right into a teleporter
  • From the shooting Selection, shifting character today utilizes a lightweight and more performant UI compared to the stream going to a game
  • Missions at the end of match display are currently sorted by end and by kind
  • Minor visual enhancements to Contract and Battlepass benefits in the development widget situated at the Peak of the display


      • Fixed issue in which translucent particles, such as smoke coatings, would reveal through Reyna’s Nearsight.
      • Fixed VFX that amuses Reyna’s display if she scoped while curing
      • Reyna’s overheal wellbeing no longer wrongly shows 151 complete when maxed
      • Cypher Spycameras put on the teleporter doorway frames on Bind no more teleport it is opinion place underground
      • Cypher’s Cyber Cage no more retains the teleporter doors onto Bind open
      • The Area-of-Effect signs for Sova’s Recon Bolt and Reyna’s Leer now just Appear on the enemy’s minimap when the participant or their allies are near the affected region
      • Fixed input along with other different pieces of Agent control UI showing up for audiences
      • Fixed a bug where deceased participant’s 1st-person arms would Seem to Be floating in the atmosphere
      • Fixed a bug where triggering a spray could depart ADS while shooting
      • Fixed a bug with the Bullet Tracers setting, using this setting busy used to also disable muzzle flash on several weapons as Well as tracers
      • Fixed a problem with the mouse cursor flickering when transferring it on the scoreboard
      • Fixed a problem with milliseconds from the round timer not being true
      • Fixed a problem with some keybindings not showing keybinding conflicts warnings properly
      • Fixed an Observer bug in which the first individual being detected from the match didn’t have a personality portrait
      • Fixed a problem with automatic weapons scarcely not showing tracers or sound effects when fired in short bursts
      • Fixed a bug in which the defuse pub was replicated
      • Frozen voice input/output apparatus and configurations not persisting across sessions
      • Fixed a ton of localization problems throughout conclusion of game displays
      • Fixed a few of visual difficulties across end of match displays
      • Fixed a problem whispering players of the Exact Same name/general DM enhancements
      • Increased chat support malfunction messaging
      • Settings menu has become letterboxed as planned
      • Whilst around the Agents page, clicking COLLECTION now properly navigates back to the Arsenal webpage
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