VIDEO: The Struggle of Mercy Environmental Deaths

VIDEO The Struggle of Mercy Environmental Deaths

VIDEO The Struggle of Mercy Environmental Deaths

A video posted on Reddit showcases the unhappy fact of a Mercy participant becoming hooked off the map with a Roadhog rather than having anybody in their line of sight to fly . The Overwatch clip showcases this adventure in the enemy Roadhog’s view.

The actual battle of environmental deaths is the dearth of mates in the region. Mercy can fly into some teammates she could visit to get back to the map, however each second she awakens down and may see less and less of this map.


The simplest way to address this dilemma is using team chat and requesting assistance, but a lot of gamers which don’t or can not use team chat battle to draw them. Spamming”set up” along with other communications is a fantastic idea however is not likely to really get the job done. Unless a teammate is paying attention and also finds that the Mercy get hooked off the map, then Mercy will often gradually drift to her death.

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