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War Selection Patch Notes Update

War Selection Patch Notes Update

War Selection Patch Notes Update

The plan sport War Choice obtained a fresh update on Steam August 22nd. We’ve got the entire patch notes with this upgrade.

The War Choice Update (Construct 5445972) is currently available for downloading on Steam. The patch contains torpedo vessel, scout, reunite to coincide. Correction of this equilibrium.

**Fundamental:*** Following a mistake in the Program, you are able to return to the present network game

  • Additional new components: scout, torpedo boat
  • One scout is awarded to each participant at the start of the game
  • Added a industrial era”secure” construction to the subsequent units have been transferred: cavalryman, zamburak, red devil, anti-aircraft tachanka
  • Weapons may be utilized without waiting for others to reload

**Interfaces:*** Rarely firing units possess a weapon reload indicator

  • In most areas, participant names are now displayed in the Right font
  • Interfaces may be decreased
  • Additional button for automatic port scale modification
  • Once you put the mouse across the unit/building lineup button, info concerning the unit/building is revealed

**Fixed errors:*** The device that gets the task of assaulting the goal it is already assaulting resets the assault process and begins again

  • Other mistakes

**Historical Europe:*** Employee: assembles walls 20% quicker

  • Axeman: motion rate reduced from 60 to 50

**Historical Asia:*** Employee: construct walls 20% quicker

**Western Europe:*** Employee: assembles walls 10% quicker

**Eastern Europe:*** Employee: assembles walls 10% quicker

**Western Asia:*** Employee: assembles walls 10% quicker

**East Asia:*** Employee: assembles walls 10% quicker

**Germany:*** Big Bertha: motion rate decreased from 25 to 20, building cost in the Area increased from 500/400/1000 into 700/600/1400, time involving strikes increased by 14 to 15 minutes, minimal attack space rose from 50 to 80


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