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War Thunder Patch Notes Update 3.17

War Thunder Patch Notes Update 3.17

War Thunder Patch Notes Update 3.17

Gaijin Entertainment has launched a new upgrade for War Thunder.

Now’s patch just contains bug fixes and alterations. .

  • A bug on the PS4 and Xbox One, in which the multifunctional menu axis configurations vanished from the port after choosing the”Keyboard + Mouse” controller preset, or after stressing the controllers, has been mended.
  • A bug on the PS4 happening whenever the DS4 was handicapped, where it was not feasible to rotate the camera using a mouse at the hangar, was repaired.
  • A infrequent customer crash on PS4 happening while having a joystick was fixed.
  • Currently, in VR mode, the cursor won’t vanish when launching the strategic map window.
  • A infrequent client crash that would occur when showing the strike camera was fixed.
  • A infrequent client crash that would occur when using the in-game browser was fixed.
  • Currently, on the trailer window of a squadron automobile, the purchase price of the automobile is going to be exhibited in GE.
  • Tu-14T — back turret aiming angles are altered based on technical specifications.
  • M.B.174A-3 — the place of the pilot’s thoughts relative to the planning sight was improved.
  • AH-1G — the ammo cartridge ability of this M129 grenade launcher was shifted from 231 to 300. \
  • BMP-2M — the noise of this AGS-17 grenade launcher was altered so that it seems true, like it’s in real life.
  • The noise of explosions when contact is made out of a goal was inserted for low-calibre HE cubes and AGS-17 grenades.
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