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War Thunder Patch Notes Update Version 3.28

War Thunder Patch Notes Update Version

War Thunder Patch Notes Update Version 3.28

A brand new upgrade for War Thunder premiered now. We’ve got all the details relating to this Patch on September 17.

War Thunder Update 3.28 is currently available for downloading. Now’s patch just includes MBT alterations and noise bug fixes.

Changes to security parameters of the Soviet and American MBTs

From the newly released changelog for its”Raining Fire” upgrade, a few errors were made from the defense parameters of Soviet MBTs, while these parameters at the match were mostly placed properly. We’ve adjusted these problems, and present the most recent security worth. Additionally, the security parameters about the M1 Abrams collection of tanks are adjusted.

For turrets of Soviet MBT’s, the security values ​​from the industry of course angles ± 30° in the automobile axis are utilized; this implies that if a tank gets hit from such angles, security is offered in minimum as indicated. In the instance of hitting a training course angle of 0°, the defense may be markedly higher than that signaled and strongly depends upon the point of effect on the turret.


For tanks of the M1 collection, the defense is suggested separately for both left and right sides of the turret because of their different inclination angles. It’s supposed that, structurally, the turret’cheeks’ and reduced frontal strand armor plate signify exactly the identical barrier, installed at unique angles. As a result of this, the equal protection of the front plate has been set slightly higher than that indicated for M1A2 from the novel”Stridsfordon idag och imorgon.

These modifications aren’t final and could be revised and clarified further in the event of new documentary resources.


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  • “Infantry Fighting Vehicle Task Force research results” Creator United States.



  • The noise of splashes from torpedo starts has been adjusted.
  • The lost audio index of shot down enemy aircraft was fixed.
  • The Ju-87 B-2 Stuka siren is now perceptible in cockpit view.
  • Piston and jet motor quantity was reduced in which the spectator’s opinion camera is near the engine.
  • Ground car engine quantity was marginally lower in gunner view.
  • The quantity of participant aircraft guns has improved marginally.
  • The noise occasion of passing-by (overlooked ) cubes was reworked.
  • A bug in which audio wrongly overlaps from the hangar after a struggle is finished has been fixed.
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