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Patch notes

War Thunder Server Patch Notes update 11.08.20

War Thunder Server Patch Notes update 11.08.20

War Thunder Server Patch Notes update 11.08.20

A Brand New Server Upgrade for War Thunder Premiered on Steam Now. We’ve got all the details concerning the War Thunder Server upgrade 11.08.20 Patch on Aug 10th.

It isn’t neccesarry to get this upgrade as it’s simply a Server upgrade for War Thunder. This Server Update includes some fixes and enhancements.

War Thunder Server upgrade 11.08.20 on Aug 11


Aircraft attributes, damage model, and weapon enhancements:

  • Parameters regarding the immunity of this aircraft’s substances (cladding and electricity kit) to secondary shell fragments are fixed. Formerly, aircraft and aircraft had an inflated survivability if they had been under fire from anti-aircraft cubes with remote detonators.


  • The audio features of the firearms on earth vehicles are adjusted.
  • The quantity level of the participant’s aircraft has been slightly increased.
  • A bug in which the beginning and stop noises coming from the motors of a few allied/enemy tanks might seem as though they were nearer and louder than the normal engine noise itself, was fixed.


  • Admiral Graf Spee — The screen of this ammunition amount to the key calibre aft inventory was fixed.

The present provided changelog reflects the significant changes within the sport as part of the Update. Some upgrades, repairs and improvements might not be recorded in the supplied notes. War Thunder is continually advancing and specific fixes might be put into place without the customer being upgraded .

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