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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Patch Notes Update 3.1

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Patch Notes Update 3.1

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Patch Notes Update 3.1

Fatshark has released an upgrade for Warhammer: Vermintide two . See beneath the entire official patch notes 3.1. Here you can find the Entire patch notes

The Warhammer: Vermintide two Update 3.1 is currently available for PC. In the moment we just know that this patch was released on Steam, we aren’t aware of if there’s a similar console upgrade.

Warhammer: Vermintide two Patch Notes 3.1


  • Fixed a crash in Spoils of War.
  • Fixed a Shop related crash.

General Changes

  • Additional psuedo random supply to crucial strikes and procs.
  • Generic harm reduction is currently calculated multiplicatively instead of
  • Headshots and crucial strike no more mechanically apply the lightest degree of
    stagger to enemies, irrespective of their stagger resistance.

Buffs now look in 2 rows at the UI, showing a maximum of 10 fans rather
of 5.

  • Finesse multiplier (headshot/crit multiplier) climbed to 2 for all strikes up
    from 1.4 for mild strikes, 1.5 for heavies.
    1H Mace / 1H Hammer
  • Light strikes 1 and two and push assault have Tank reach mass multiplier.
  • Light strikes 4 & 3 currently have the exact same single goal damage profile.
  • Light strike 3 currently has 10% incentive crit to compensate to be an uppercut
    2H Hammer (Kruber + Bardin)
  • The drive assault now has the exact same harm profile because the heavy strikes. No tank strike
    mass count.
  • Heavy tank strikes now correctly puts enemies to stagger amount 2 (fixes a
    insect ).
    2H Sword (Kruber + Saltzpyre)
  • Move rate charging hefty attacks increased to 60 percent from 20 percent
  • Light assault animation rate sped up by roughly 10 percent
    Mace + Shield / Hammer + Shield (Kruber + Bardin)
  • Light assault 3 includes 10% added critical strike chance.
  • Heavy Sequence now starts with shield celebration.
  • Light strike 3 currently has single goal armour piercing damage profile. Much like push
  • Push strike now chains into mild assault 3.
    Mace + Sword
  • Lights 1 and 2 have exactly the exact same harm profile since 1H Mace.
  • Lights 4 and 3 have exactly the exact same harm profile since 1H Sword.
  • Every weapon at the heavy assault now has the exact same harm profile because the first
    Falchion Heavy.
  • Heavy strikes and mild attacks 4 & 3 currently have Linesman hit mass count.


Heavy chain sequence reversed, the very first heavy is currently the heavy Stab, and also the next heavy is currently the Heavy Sweep.

  • Intact Attack Chains:
  • Light series and push-stab chain stays intactLight 1 -> Light 2 ->
    Heavy stab, Lights -> hefty stab chain undamaged
  • New Attack Chains:
  • Light sweep (L1) chains into Heavy sweep (H2) -> replicate
  • Heavy stab (H1) chains into mild stab (L2) into mild overhead (L3) ->
  • thick stab (H1) chains into mild stab (L2) -> repeatLight sweep (L1)
    chains into Heavy sweep (H2) -> replicate
  • Heavy sweep (H2) chains into moderate sweep (L2)
  • Heavy Linesman inserted to Heavy Sweep (H2) Armory mod won’t reflect the shift
    in heavy assault sequence.
  • Dodge range increased from 0.95(-5percent ) to 1.0 (0%)
    Executioner Sword
  • Reduced animation rate by 8.5percent for all strikes.
  • Light strike 3 currently has 10% incentive critical strike chance.
    Tuskgor Spear
  • Today has regular block price modifier rather than protect modifier.
  • Animation drops after Light 3 decreased in 0.42s to 0.3s
  • moderate assault cartoon rate increased by approximately 8 percent
  • Move rate whilst performing mild strikes increased (from 75% to 80%)
  • hefty attack cost time decreased from 0.6s to 0.5s
  • Heavy strikes now share a harm profile using 2H Hammer mild strikes
    2H Axe
  • Heavy strikes finally have linesman hit mass count.
  • Light assault 3 currently has the exact same harm profile as mild attacks 2 and 1.
  • Push strike currently has linesman.
  • Light assault 3 includes 10% added critical strike chance.
  • Currently has 6 endurance (3 protects ), up from 5 endurance (2.5 protects ).
    Axe + Shield
  • Light strikes sped up slightly.
  • Charge time necessary for heavy strikes decreased slightly.
    Double Axes
  • Finesses multiplier on all strikes increased to 2.0 (up from ~1.5).
  • Linesman hit mass count inserted to mild strikes.
  • Light assault Finesse multiplier climbed to 2.0 from 1.4.
  • Heavy 2 transformed into the harm profile of Crowbill Heavy 1.
  • Moderate 3 liter harm improved by 20 percent. Linesman added to mild strikes.
  • Currently has 6 endurance (3 endurance protects ), formerly 4 endurance (2 protects ).
    Elven Axe
  • Heavy strikes now share a harm profile using 2H Hammer Light Attacks.
  • 10% incentive critical strike chance added to drive stab.
    Elven Double Daggers
  • Removed bonus 10% crit from lights 2 and 1.
    Elven Sword and Dagger
  • Removed bonus critical strike chance from moderate assault Light and 1 attack two.
    Elven Double Swords
  • Dual blades mild attack damage increased by 25 percent against infantry.
  • Push-stab armor harm improved by 20 percent.
    Elven Greatsword
  • moderate assault cartoon rate rose ~10%.
  • Light strikes have 10% extra critical strike chance.
    Elven Spear
  • Drive strike, Light 3, & Heavy 1 today all have Linesman hit mass count.
  • Reverted 25% nerf to mild stabs which came with WoM, (foundation damage as much as 0.25 from
    Elven Spear + Shield
  • Lighting 3 transformed from a poke right into a sweep, additional linesman to mild 3.
  • Removed heavy linesman and incentive 20% crit from push assault.
  • Increased dodge space from 1.1(10 percent ) to 1.2(20 percent ).
  • Currently has 6 endurance (3 endurance protects ), formerly 4 endurance (2 protects ).
  • Heavy strikes 1 & 2 today have exactly the exact same harm profile because Elf 1H Sword Heavy
  • Light attack 3 currently has the exact same harm profile as Heavy strikes 2 & 1.
  • Damage of significant strikes rose by 30 percent.
  • Increased dodge space to 1.15(15 percent ) from 1.1(10 percent ).
  • Particular pull action now prices 0.5 endurance.
  • Dagger
  • Today includes 6 dodge count rather than 3.
  • Additional 10% critical strike chance to mild attack 4.
  • Heavy 1 currently has the exact same harm profile because 2H Hammer Light assault (23% enthusiast to
    harm ).
  • Array of Heavy attacks climbed marginally.
  • Damage of Heavies 2 & 3 rose by approximately 30%.
  • Light assault 1 harm profile shifted into Halberd L3 Damage profile (30% enthusiast to
    irreparable harm, 60% fan to chemical harm ).
  • Selection of light attacks increased marginally.
  • Animation speed of light attacks increased marginally.
  • Move rate during all weather strikes rose to 80% from 60 percent.
    Flaming Flail
  • The explosion of Heavy 1 currently deals lead burst harm.
  • Overcharge made by shotgun burst decreased significantly (~33%).
  • Weapon changing whilst charging the weapon is decreased from 0.2s to 0s (fitting
    all other staves).
  • Weapon change window following a shotgun blast decreased from 0.4s to 0.3s to coordinate with the
    0.31s cartoon time of this shotgun blast.
    Drakefire Pistols
  • Overheat of this shotgun blast decreased ~33%.
  • Dodge range buffed from 85 percent (-15%) to 100 percent (0 percent ).
    Empire Longbow
  • Forced zoom delay is currently 2s rather than 0.4s (permits full control without being
    made to zoom ).
  • 25% transfer speed whilst holding a complete fee (increased from 0 percent before, 25 percent is
    like the entire charge transfer speed of bolt employees ).
  • Reload time decreased from 2.0s to 1.5s.
  • Max ammo=16up from 12.
  • Cleave buffed 50 percent to fit crossbow.
    Repeater Pistol
  • Linesman is currently on the bullet squirt ( linesman on ranged weapons provides shotgun
    mass decrease ).
  • Increased chemical harm by roughly 100 percent on billed shots.
  • Increased monster harm by 30 percent on billed shots.

Increased cleave by 75 percent for fast shots and 50 percent for charged shots.
Volley Crossbow (Saltzpyre)

  • Ammo pool fostered by 50 percent (from 30 maximum ammo to 45).
  • Reload time decreased from 5s to 4s.
  • Dodge count climbed to 3 .

Max ammo capacity climbed to 45 to accommodate Saltzpyres crossbow.

Improved maximum ammo from 12 to 16.

  • Improved maximum ammo from 14 to 16.
  • ‘Kruber profits 10 percent electricity. The nearest ally to Kruber profit 50 percent
    Harm loss and 10% enhanced electricity. Exotic air no longer impacts
  • It is Hero Time — (Reworked)
  • That is Bloody Teamwork!
  • Merged with Defensive Formation into ‘Boost damage decrease of Protective Presence by 5 percent per local ally.’ Moved to grade 4 mid
  • Inspire Action — New gift
  • Staggering a elite enemy grants Kruber along with his allies 100% improved
    Cooldown regeneration speed for 0.5 minutes. Replaces That is Bloody Teamwork
    in grade 5.
  • Doubles the width of Krubers fee and enables him to bill through
    Fantastic foes.
  • No longer eliminates Temp Health. Cooldown reduction decreased to 20 percent.
  • Scavenger — (Altered )
  • Scavenger Ammunition Caches currently drops in Bardin’s feet rather than in the
    Murdered specials place.
  • Share and confer — (Reworked)
  • Killing a particular includes a 50% chance to shed an abysmal that raises attack
    Rate by 3 percent and harm reduction by 3 percent for 300 minutes.
  • Exuberance — (Altered )
  • Bardin takes 30 percent less damage from the trunk. Headshots reduce damage obtained by
    30% for 5 minutes
  • Allies interior of Bardin’s smoke earnings 8% increased attack rate and
  • New title: Growing Stress
  • Increases drake fire damage around 120 percent and reduces attack rate down to
    -50% based on overcharge.
  • Blocking an assault grants Bardin and his allies two% power for 6 minutes.
    Stacks 5 occasions.
  • New title: Vengeance
  • Gradually generates stacks of climbing anger every 7 minutes while
    Gromril is busy up to a maximum of 5. When Gromril is eliminated Bardin gains 10 percent
    attack rate per pile of increasing anger.
  • Increase revive rate by 50 percent and give 20 wellbeing back into the revived
  • New title: Asrai Alacrity
  • Blocking an assault or pushing a enemy creates Kerillians’ next two
    Strikes 30% quicker and prices 10% more damage.
  • Shadow Measure — (Reworked)
  • New title: Changing Seasons
  • Dodging while obstructing increases Dodge vary by 20%. Dodging while not
    Preventing increases damage by 10 percent for 1 minute.
  • Cloak of Mist — (Altered )
  • Now grants 100% critical strike chance for 4 minutes after breaking
  • Needed Means — (Reworked)
  • New title: Steel Crescendo
  • Upon shooting his final shot Victor profits 15% attack rate and 15% electricity for
    15 seconds.
  • Launched Shot — (Reworked)
  • New title: Blessed Combat
  • Melee strikes constitutes into the subsequent 6 shots gain 15 percent electricity. Ranged
    Strikes make up into the subsequent 6 melee strikes profit 15 percent more electricity.
  • New title: Rile that the Mob
  • Ranged crucial hits grant Victor and his allies 10% improved motion
    Rate for 10 minutes.
  • Duty’s Present — (Reworked)
  • New title: Double Action
  • Killing a elite enemy using a
    Melee attack while from ammo restores 20 percent of the maximum ammunition.
  • Buckshot — (Altered )
  • Added shield penetration into the burst.
  • Additional result: Every kill with the burst increases the Quantity of pellets of
    Another blast by 1 up to a maximum of 20.
  • Searing Grab — (Altered )
  • New title: Outburst
  • Higher length of DoT result to 4 minutes. Heavy strikes grow the
    Push angle of the following drive by 70%.
  • Chain Reaction — (Altered )
  • Higher likelihood of explosion to 40 percent
  • Numb to Anxiety — (Modified)
  • Additional result: Venting decreases the Quantity of overcharge made by Blood
    Revved up to 3 occasions.
  • New title: Abandon
  • Overcharging makes Sienna begin quickly measuring 6 percent of her health .
    10 percent cooldown.
  • New title: Wildfire
  • Adds a burning atmosphere that hastens nearby enemies when triggering Living
    Bomb. Massively raise the stagger ability of the Living Bomb.
  • Higher length of this energy bonus to 15 minutes from 10 minutes.
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