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Watch Dogs Legion Screenshots Leak Ahead of Ubisoft Event

Watch Dogs Legion Screenshots Leak Ahead of Ubisoft Event

Watch Dogs Legion Screenshots Leak Ahead of Ubisoft Event

Four pictures revealing the highly expected Watch Automobiles: Legion in activity leaked online Tuesday.The graphics landed on the Gambling Leaks and Rumours subreddit, posted by a user called u/joelioio who maintained they were seized during Chinese press previews of this match. The screenshots are fuzzy because they have been being streamed out of Ubisoft computers, based on joelioio.

Courtesy of UbisoftThe very first leaked picture indicates the match’s Team menu display, where the participant can swap one of many operatives in their legion of all NPCs. Each surgical has different skills. The one being chosen from the screenshot is a Soccer Hooligan called Phil Ahuja. Ahuja and Football Hooligans such as him may utilize a”Rally Cry” to phone allies into the fight and require less damage due to a trait known as”Tough Drunk.”

The display also shows possible recruits and slots for two firearms and a tablet computer.

The Spy sports many parts of special gear. Courtesy of UbisoftAnother screenshot of the group menu display indicates another operative archetype: the Magic. The Spy includes a distinctive silenced MP9 pistol, a Spy Watch that jams enemy weapons, along with a Spy Car sporting Missiles and Cloak.


Gameplay out of menus. Courtesy of UbisoftA third picture shows gameplay out of menus, since the participant watches a spectacle unfold involving a guy and an Albion police officer. The participant has the choice to divert the officer and can see their skills and gear from a user interface component.

Watch Dogs Legion gameplay

Fans guess the circled date of Sept. 16 to signify Watch Automobiles: Legion’s brand new release date.The last picture shows gameplay with no heads up display, along using a red circle drawn on the picture. The ring highlights a poster in-game which conveys the date Sept. 16. It is uncertain to what this date refers, but a few enthusiasts guess it to be the newest release date after Ubisoft’s choice to postpone the match in October 2019. As of this moment, Watch Dogs: Legion is anticipated some time at the 2021 financial year, which runs April 2020 to March 2021.

This is the next Ubisoft escape this week, after 30 minutes of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla gameplay online Monday.

More See Dogs: Legion details will probably be shown in the Ubisoft Forward summit scheduled for Sunday.

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