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Battle royale

Week 4 XP Coins Fortnite Locations

Week 4 XP Coins Fortnite Locations

Week 4 XP Coins Fortnite Locations

Week 4 XP Coins Fortnite places are being hunted for as yet another week of goals were inserted throughout Chapter 2 Season 3.

Here is our guide that will assist you choose them up and keep working your way through the conflict pass.


Split the bull bracket on the wall within Retail Row (shop with fish emblem )
Split the kayak on the pier just North of Misty Meadows
Divide the Ac system on the Cover of the Gas N’ Grub
Divide the speakers in the paychecks Southwest of Misty Meadows
Split the lamp pole in the bus stop involving Lazy Lake and Retail Row
Green Coins

Northeast ridge line of Pleasant Park, directly next to the evergreen trees
At the very top of this Westside bus stop at Frenzy Farm
dip in now and pick up your Week 4 XP Coins since they will assist players massively throughout the seasonal struggle pass toward greater rewards.

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