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What is the slot for PS5 Secret Port ?

What is the slot for PS5 Secret Port ?

What is the slot for PS5 Secret Port ?

The PS5 Showcase Event showed the price and launch date, all eyes were only focused on it, nobody took a closer look until today!

A key interface was found on the rear of this Playstation 5 and no one understands what this slot machine is for!

What did you find about the PS5? It is about a formerly hidden slot or hitting the rear of the console. All these are right on top, given the games console is vertical. You can view them here:

What about the unidentified slot around the PS5?


Thus far, Sony hasn’t yet provided a justification for the slotmachine. Additionally, there are no signs from the known statistics concerning functions and connections.

Obviously, this concealed slot has begun a great deal of theories and discussions. We’ve outlined the most plausible explanations:

This permits you to resolve the console using a metallic cable at the store, by way of instance, to stop it from being stolen.

  • It might be a PSVR2 link, so it might work as a new”Virtual Reality” eyeglasses.
  • It is only a Sony diagnostic connector which can later be covered by a guarantee seal once the console hits the market.


Have you got another idea? Can you see something which ha

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