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what to expect In Fortnite v13.40 Update

Unlimited Items Glitch pushes Epic to disable the Motorboat

what to expect In Fortnite v13.40 Update

It has been just two weeks because Fortnite v13.30 published, which means we can anticipate v13.40 to return on August 4. We are writing this article ahead of the official statement, but we feel confident we’ll be receiving an upgrade tomorrow.

There are a couple expectations entering v13.40. We haven’t seen automobiles in Fortnite, after all, therefore every upgrade that moves are going to have the community on the edge of the chairs — waiting. Listed below are our forecasts for v13.40. We are going to update this article if/when Epic formally announce the new patch.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes come alongside each Fortnite upgrade. Recently, they have been the principal modifications — that the only visible differences between a single upgrade and another.

We are unsure about the remainder of our forecasts, however we could be certain that Epic will tackle these bugs at the v13.40 upgrade — at least, they will try. You may recognize a few of those issues from a week’s bug fixes. Maybe not all them took.


  • XP pub can be visually wrong while at a game.
  • Slow Glider rate after redeploying in some specific scenarios.
  • “Deal harm within 10s of landing in the Whirlpool in Hydro 16″ ought to state”in The Yacht” instead.
  • Mouse cursor emerging on PC when playing controller.




Could it be the week which automobiles eventually enter Fortnite? We could only hope. It has been a few weeks because No Sweat Insurance eliminated each the road-worthy automobiles from Fortnite. One upgrade later are the sensible time to put them , but we do not know for certain.

Presumably, Epic hasn’t introduced cars to Fortnite due to a problem together. We suppose that their strategy was to launch them . If that is true, then we can not accurately predict if automobiles will enter the match. Whatever problem sidelined them may be there. We could, however, hold out hope we view them at v13.40.

Dragon Shotgun

A leaked”Dragon Shotgun” was discovered at the Fortnite That is, probably, a long-shot to come in the sport in v13.40 but it is possible. Fire has become a main subject of Fortnite Season 3, along with a shotgun that relates to flame looks like a perfect addition to the year.

We have not seen a lot of the shotgun because its initial flow back in June, which likely points to some later launch date. Nonetheless, it’s likely that people see the brand new shotgun from v13.40 therefore it is well worth mentioning.

There you have iteverything you may anticipate in the v13.40 upgrade. We are cautiously optimistic about automobiles approaching this week. We would not be shocked when Epic held off for one more week, but fans were clamoring for them since the v13.30. We’ll know for certain when 2:00 am EST rolls about.


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