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Which is Better Kilo vs M13 Warzone?

Which is Better Kilo vs M13 Warzone?

The debate of that assault rifle would be the very best in Warzone rages on as Season 4 transpires. This time, we are pitting the Kilo 141 contrary to the M13 to learn which gun gets the advantage in Call of Duty: Warzone.
Each attack rifle has their individual strengths and flaws, therefore let’s hash this out.

Which is Better Kilo vs M13 Warzone?

The Kilo 141, at its base form, is not exactly inspirational. It will not fire in the speed of another assault rifles in its course, which means slower kills. But this rifle includes a specially unique perk when leveling up. 50 and 100 round magazines require ammo capability to an entire different level, allowing more space for mistake.


Watch DBLTAP’s selections for the best Kilo 141 Warzone loadout.

The M13 assault rifle is among the very well rounded that Warzone has to offer you. Its balanced stat’s round the board provide players a fairly good score, even at stock-form. Such as the Kilo 141, this rifle has a market capacity when correctly leveled up.

A high fire speed matched with restricted recoil produces this gun tantalizing for firefights. Control is a luxury on the M13 even at the thickest of conflicts.

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