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Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Patch Notes Update

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Patch Notes Update

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Patch Notes Update

We have all the information and details concerning the patch on June 4.

You have to download and install about 3 GB.



  • Fixed a problem causing Fate-Adjucatrix Zeitgeist weapon VFX to be lost.
  • Fixed a client crash occurring when eliminating a reagent in the Dark Market inventory.
  • Fixed a server disconnection happening when swapping things.
  • Fixed an issue causing keybinding alterations to be stored when pinpointed.
  • Fixed an issue causing players portraits to overlap.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the participant to drag and drop a reagent to the darkened market project window while still un-stacking it.
  • Fixed an issue where typing some characters (XML tags) from the chat window could freeze the game.
  • Fixed an issue causing a part of discussion messages to disappear after using commas.
  • Fixed a problem leading players to be stuck onto the flesh environment spine while using jump skills like Wings of Ishmir.
  • Fixed a problem causing the UI focus to be missing (ex: forced to click in the inventory to be able to hover items).
  • Fixed a problem causing erroneous Magic Find worth to be displayed on players’ screens whenever they combined an existing expedition.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the minimap icon of Fate-Adjucatrix Zeitgeist to be displayed correctly.
  • Added the Appropriate minimap icons into the Jeweler and the Archivist.



  • Fixed an issue causing the Tormentor soul-swallow ability to aim players supporting its back.
  • Fixed a problem causing Neiddrerym to have a wrong orientation when casting its missile launch skill if the player was using Wings of Ishmir in the same time.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Gunslinger’s Brand”Augmented Ammunition” variant to convert damage into a random type if coupled with the”Flak Handcannon” variant.
  • Fixed an issue causing the participant to be invincible after casting Juggernaut and Bleeding Edge on an Untainted Zealot.
  • Fix a problem allowing to throw”Avenger” Autoturret with less rage than it needs to.
  • Endgame map consumables using a level override now conceal the amount counter top selection buttons when used.


  • Fixed the position of this Demon of Souls laser impact sound.
  • Fixed a problem preventing some boss modifiers seems to fade out properly.
  • Additional new Republic Infantry Crossbow shoot sound.
  • Added Boss-Modifier sounds.
  • Boss-Modifier indicators now have a common noise which helps alert the player if they are standing in a damage-zone.
  • Added a fresh spawn noise for Republic infantry.
  • Added sounds for buffs and summoning minions skill of III’s named boss’Nikolas’.
  • Added group audio when there are lots of Wild Rats on screen. Extra scurry and squeaking happens depending on the number of rats struck.
  • Improved Rat attack seems, now a lot more suitable to their small size.
  • Enriched Republic Veteran ability sounds.
  • Improved cutscene audio for a number of scenes in Chapter II.
  • Improved loot thing volume combination. Certain drops are now more easily heard.
  • Improved Stormfall Endgame City GUI sound, today has more unique prompts, feedback, and notifications.
  • Fixed cutscene audio sync problems at Chapter II.
  • Fixed missing Burn damage noise for Svriir Alpha arc assault when standing at the fires.
  • Fixed missing Shotgun attack noise for Republic Elite Justicar.
  • Dialogue currently utilizes a lively mix system. This means when there is dialogue, it will not dim the remainder of the game sounds as much. Sound balancing is more natural with this technique.
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