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Wreckfest Patch Notes Update 1.62

Wreckfest Patch Notes Update 1.62

Wreckfest Patch Notes Update 1.62

Bugbear has launched a new upgrade for Wreckfest today. Below you’ll find all the details concerning the Update on October 2.

The Wreckfest upgrade 1.62 is currently available for downloading, for PS4, Xbox One and PC. We do not know how big this download right now, but it’ll differ depending on the stage.

Game variant


  • Game no more sporadically freezes when altering updates in the garage.
  • Game shouldn’t crash to”from Vertex Buffer Memory” during occasion loading.
  • Game no longer gets stuck in infinite loading when altering upgrades while auto generation is busy in background for one more player or bot.


  • It is not feasible to cheat additional time at the”Checkpoint Chase” every day occasion.
  • It is now possible to song Razor from the championship occasion even if not possessing the DLC.
  • Additional missing wheels into the Speedemon championship reward package.
  • Noodle store things are now properly marked as exclusive.
  • Enriched”Razed” championship reward livery.


  • Increased wheel pulse vs dynamic object crashes.
  • DLC banger racing automobiles today also show up in the livelihood banger racing events.
  • Dominator, Nexus RX and Boomer no more seem as ineligible in reception for apparently no reason.
  • Schoolbus reward paint is currently properly received from”Diesel & Destruction” profession occasion.
  • The livelihood Big Rig occasion”The Convoy” is currently simpler.
  • Novice AI Difficulty is currently marginally simpler.
  • Enriched Rocket RX AI.
  • Fixed Hammerhead gas lid geometry.
  • Fixed Cardinal gas lid combined angle.
  • Improved Hellvester visual harm.
  • Enriched Supervan collision.
  • Fixed Bullet double railings clipping together with all the doorway.
  • Fixed Bullet exhaust clipping with specific hood updates.
  • Fixed Cardinal missing chair.
  • Fixed flickering wheel lod of all Speedbird championship reward wheels.


  • Improved Hillstreet Circuit surroundings artwork.
  • Additional missing jumble texture into the case monitor.
  • Cleaned up several older levels.


  • Fixed all AI vehicles which had problems with sound cutting at redline RPM.
  • Additional new contact seems for barrel shrapnel.
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