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Wreckfest Season 2 Patch Notes Update 1.61

Wreckfest Season 2 Patch Notes Update 1.61

Wreckfest Season 2 Patch Notes Update 1.61

Bugbear has launched a new upgrade for Wreckfest now to coincide with the beginning of Season 2.

The Wreckfest upgrade 1.61 is currently available for downloading, for PS4, Xbox One and PC. We do not know how big this download right now, but it’ll differ depending on the stage.

With the beginning of Season 2 and the Getaway Update, fresh content is going to be added, such as a new path, a brand new tournament and a whole lot more.

Game variant



  • Additional support for your DLC package”Getaway Car Package” comprising three new automobiles: Bullet, Razor and Cardinal.
  • Added a new free course: Hillstreet Circuit with both forwards and reverse designs.TOURNAMENT
    • New championship season: Getaway Heat.
    • New complimentary championship reward automobile: Rocket RX.
    • New free championship reward packages and paint projects.
    • Score Streak events today last the suitable time rather than constantly 3 minutes.


    • Fixed a problem where save information was flashed. This difficulty seemed to influence especially save information dating back into the game launching. Our apologies for anybody affected by this matter.
    • Fixed a problem where the match failed to launch because of”assists.aids” being corrupt.
    • Fixed a problem where the game appeared to”OUT OF MEMORY” through launching.
    • Title no more crashes to”from Vertex Buffer Memory” with particular course and vehicle combinations.


    • Dynamic items like tires no more throw the automobile off-path after hitting on the wheel of the automobile.
    • AI is marginally less competitive towards the participant on Novice and Amateur difficulty.
    • AI currently uses Firefly additionally from the Class A.


    • The machine no longer wrongly loads a championship track when seeking to alter the track.
    • BagEdit currently supports a ban record using no more than 8,192 entries.


    • Generally, visual components like spoilers no more detach from a smallest nudge.
    • Improved Big Rig managing and underside collisions.
    • Additional Class B and Class A engine updates for Motorhome, also created AI also use them.
    • Improved Sweeper suspension installations and underside collisions.
    • Sweeper exhaust geometry no more glitches as readily after deforming.
    • Bumpers of both Venom and Hunter Panther no more detach too readily.
    • Improved Hunter Panther shovel hood texturing. Additionally, the exhaust tube no more succeeds too readily.
    • Missing side guards for Speedbird are now available .
    • Wildking exhaust stacks no more clip together with all the sway bars.
    • Enriched Rocket DLC back wing placement.
    • A range of menu transitions are more straightforward.
    • In Server Browser, a host can now be inserted as a favored. Favorites are always displayed on top and sorted based on the chosen sorting approach.
    • In Server , specific characters and spaces have become disregarded when sorting out the servers alphabetically.
    • In Auto Choice (Garage, Custom Event, Lobby), automobiles can now be sorted based on their course and functionality, kind or area in addition to alphabetically.
    • In Automobile Choice, a vehicle can now be declared as a favorite.
    • At Custom Event generation, game today recalls the AI Collection selected by the participant, rather than constantly reverting to”Same As Player” set.
    • In Elimination Hurry, elimination telling has become easier to see.


  • Killerbee & Boomer (all participant versions ): Increased engine volume in total mix to counter noise hiding in races with 23 AI & compact start grid design, and esp. On incorporated flat-screen loudspeakers.
  • Surround audio: Player engine seems are now combined to surround center channel only when utilizing chase camera perspectives.
  • Surround audio: Frozen player automobile panning problems in bumper camera perspective.
  • Surround sound: Fixed emitter standing monitoring of crash seems belonging to player auto object, not to have noises fall behind/past the vehicle at high rates.
  • In-Game: Fixed bicycle surface detection to not play with sounds like wrong substance when reduction of wheel contact happens at slower speed (low rate, gentle slopes etc.).
  • In-Game: Additional unique tire seems for timber surface.
  • In-Game: Adjusted auto position monitoring for less inconsistent audio panning when rotating chase camera round player vehicle.
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