Wreckfest Tournament Patch Notes Update 1.50

Wreckfest Tournament Patch Notes Update 1.50

Wreckfest Tournament Patch Notes Update 1.50

Bugbear published a new upgrade for Wreckfest, we’ve got all of the information concerning the Update 1.50 on July 7th.

Now’s patch brings the newest Tournament Season: Banger Bash, two brand new free tracks and far more.

Game variant


  • Additional two new paths: Kingston Raceway (Oval and Figure 8 designs ) and Mudford Motorpark (Oval and Derby designs ).



  • Fixed memory defragmentation problem with AMD screen devices that triggered severe slowdowns in multiplayer reception notably on PC.
  • (PS4) Game no more infrequently crashes after finishing a weekly or yearly tournament challenge.
  • (XB1) Save info no more has unintendedly overwritten when changing balances in certain edge cases.
  • (PC) Local backup system currently properly backs up save information whenever there is a name upgrade.
  • (PC) There is now a 10 second cooldown before attempting to match the cloud store information, eliminating bogus battle messages.
  • (PC) The cloud battle popup shouldn’t longer hide behind the match window.


  • When choosing a car, game today waits marginally longer before actually picking out the vehicle to stop accidental loading from beginning when searching vehicles.
  • Score detection has become more powerful, eliminating instances where the participant receives no score though they clearly strike an opponent with sufficient power.
  • Rating is currently received dependent on how much damage the participant adheres into the opponent rather than plain momentum.
  • The vehicle is now reset to a particular preliminary rate and first equipment is mechanically engaged also from the demolition derby events.
  • In habit occasions, it is now possible to select”Same As Player” since the AI Player automobile, making AI Players utilize the identical vehicle as the participant.
    This works with championship reward vehicles, which makes it feasible to make by way of instance an all DoomRig race.
  • AI currently uses DLC vehicles in multiplayer, custom occasions and many career events.
  • AI currently uses Gremlin additionally in Class A.
  • Panels are no more becoming permanently stuck on automobiles but are discharged shortly following the automobile has deformed, preventing deform relevant glitches on panels.
  • Adjusted collision geometry of those concrete obstacles to decrease glitching when hitting them particularly in multiplayer.
    Notice that the crashes are still not ideal but enhanced yet.
  • Fixed roll cage weights such as Grand Duke, Wildking and Small Thrasher.
  • Reduced DoomRig armor defense marginally.
  • Fixed engine fire emitter place of Raiden.
  • Fixed invisible lumps around the center intersection on Hilltop Figure 8.
  • Tournament rewards now are properly received while the participant has entered championship event selection screen along with the championship mode was initialized (it’s possible to tell if the participant counts look at the event selection screen, and goals are displayed in the championship details view for weekly and monthly events).
    Gains from the previous challenges are be given retroactively and ought to appear right in the”Statistics” tab.


  • Hurry: Player & AI space attenuation both corrected for smoother fade-out in 25 to 100 meter range.
  • Rush: Loudness balancing alterations & EQ settings tweaks for many player vehicles.
  • Roadslayer: Fixed DSP configurations and loudness calibration problems.
  • Optimized DSP impact utilization of player vehicles to get a diminished CPU load.
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