Wreckfest Update Patch Notes 1.47

Wreckfest Update Patch Notes 1.47

Wreckfest Update Patch Notes 1.47

Bugbear published a new upgrade for Wreckfest, we’ve got all of the information concerning the Update 1.47

This patch fixes a few bugs and optimizations. Super Venom updates also have been included.

Game variant



  • (PC) Invalid analytics info will no longer stop the game from launch.
  • (PC) Fixed a crash at the impact system when utilizing specific mods.



  • Additional upgrades for Super-Venom.
  • Fixed Roadcutter back spoiler deform glitch.
  • Fixed Speedbird championship reward livery UV mapping insect.
  • FP (Fame Points) made from finished challenges ought to be received properly, even for previous struggles.
  • (PC) Player can currently decide to eliminate ineligible neighborhood cause case there is amismatch involving the neighborhood and leaderboard result.
    This may happen for example because of the upload of this outcome failing, or if your (cheated) effect was deleted by the leaderboard.


  • In-game: AI automobile mixdown alterations & perf improvements.
  • In-game: Initialize every AI automobile engine audio using a variety randomized pitch counter, to boost separation / uniqueness between for multiples of identical motor vehicle.
  • In-game: Adjusted participant vehicles to utilize similar distance-based playback prioritization categorized as AI vehicles, to tackle potential active voice sneaking in free camera mode.
  • Large Rig / Doom Rig: Optimized DSP impact utilization.
  • Roadslayer / / Roadslayer GT: Fixed broken soundbank, mixdown and motor sound tweaks.
  • Hellride: Additional missing place tracking to fire barrel objects for proper surround panning.
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