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WWE 2K Battlegrounds Trophy List Revealed PS4

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Trophy List Revealed PS4

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Trophy List Revealed PS4

2K Games has shown the decorations for WWE 2K Battlegrounds! We are going to show you exactly what to anticipate a day or two ahead of the launch.

There’ll be a total of 13 decorations on PS4, there isn’t any platinum decoration among them. Which means that the PS4 decorations would be equal to the Xbox accomplishments. On the Xbox One, you can find a total of 315 gamer factors.

But search for yourself, here all of the decorations and their credentials.

  • Invincible
    Win a Royal Rumble game against 30 competitions in ordinary difficulty or higher
  • Vs. that the World
    Win a Gauntlet game against 5 competitions or more
  • Anyone else?
    Win a Royal Rumble game with 20 competitions
  • Getting a SuperStar
    Total the Wrestlemania occasion
  • Perform a snare successfully
  • Zoologist
    Control the ram and nourish your competitor into the alligator
  • Thunderstorm

    That is my signature
    Play 20 signature motions

  • Charismatic
    Fill out the audience pub
  • Freedom!

    Nothing private
    Play 20 taunts

  • Get a motorcycle along with a turnbuckle
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